Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tis Fall

'tis Fall here in the City. The drizzle has been falling out of the sky for days, sometimes intermittently, sometimes steady, but always enough to make the manholes and subway ventilation grates extremely slippery. One must exercise great caution when zipping around this city when it's wet, if one wishes to not sprain or break an ankle.

Opera, Broadway, Ballet, Broadway. The phone is ringing constantly. Everyone wants to know my availability. No one but the opera has actually booked me. To be fair, I've turned some of the work down. I've also told others that I'm extremely interested. We are in a holding pattern. It's all good though, the opera is keeping me more than busy. One of the things that I like about the opera designer that I work for is that he will give me work if A) he has it, B) he can create it. He's a very easy person to work for in the fact that I 'get' his aesthetic and I know what he will and will not like. He's also grown to trust me over the last decade (as we both continue to mold each other) and so working for him isn't the hassle of some other people I've worked for. He's also a friend with a huge heart.

So when the labor dispute started to escalate, I mentioned that I would/may be needing work. Now I've got it. It was perfect timing. The opera is remounting his production of Cosi fan Tutti, and of course all the people are different sizes, so hundreds of yards of fabric need to be repurchased. Unfortunately, we did this last production almost 8 years ago, and so most of those fabrics are no longer available. Which works out well for me in that I get to tear around the district swatching and searching for suitable replacements (no pun intended).

Which means Imp is a busy Imp. No day off this week, and extra work at the broadway theatre as well. Monkeys come, monkeys go, and this week a brand new monkey arrived. He went on last night after an all afternoon rehearsal. I've been SO spoiled of late with my monkey business. When someone gets hurt, the usual course of action is to put the swing on, or to bring in one of the numerous 'universal' swings that float between the various companies. Only bad juju has been following monkeys around all over the world, and when our broadway monkey hurt himself, there wasn't a soul in the world who knew his track that wasn't already employed or available. So this week we put in a brand new person. They had to teach him everything, again, no big deal, it's what we do. But it is a LOT of work playing with virgins (as most of you know). Not only do you have to deal with nerves, but you have to explain everything and hope they retain it. Then you have to stay on guard all evening, especially if your actor tends to be a loose cannon. This isn't a 'here is your suit' musical. I'm dealing with metal rods with a 6 foot wingspan. I am terrified that before I release myself from this show that I'm going to lose an eye. (I'm not exaggerating, this is a very real possibility). There is a huge level of trust between myself and the people I dress; there has to be in order for us to function efficiently. This trust takes time, we have to learn each other rhythms and quirks. Actors need time to settle into their roles before they really begin to pay attention to what they are doing in the middle of a change. Elbows are my enemy. I've experienced several nosebleeds and almost had my jaw dislocated in my years on the broadway, all from flailing elbows.

Yesterday was a very long day at the theatre. The new kid is very pleasant and I have hope that he will settle into his show soon. There was some serious damage to a very expensive (and almost new) set of wings last night, and at 11pm my boss was still standing at the counter, with them completely dismantled and trying to get them back into working form. Not the actors fault really (although he did smack the hell out of them on the set). It's a learning process, and it takes time before you can be spacially aware of just how big you are when you monkeying around in a mask that hampers your peripheral vision. I do wonder what the hell I'm going to have to work with this afternoon though. This was the magic growing wings, and not your average chorus kid wings that were broken. What about the back up set, you may ask? Uhm, well, those were broken several weeks ago and have yet to have the metric hardware purchased to fix them (don't get me started - not my job). Evidently it wasn't important enough to warrant attention. Believe me when I say, I've gotten very good (and Stubborn) about not wasting my breath. I don't cry wolf, and if you are foolish enough to ignore me then you get what you deserve. I DO know what I'm talking about...

Alas, I haven't had much time to pursue my latest hobby/studies. I do have my software installed and I did spend 90 minutes actually using it on Tuesday. I have great hopes that Imp will be able to wrap his mind around it and succeed. I'm determined (and therein lays 90% of the battle). Now I just need to commit myself to setting aside the time needed to make progress. Many thanks to Devon for tips (who wouldn't enjoy browsing through Italian Vogue) and I hope to be at a level in a few weeks that I can actually make sense of it. Also, she provides excellent motivation: I don't know anyone who manages so many projects and has such a high productivity level. She's a great rolemodel and advocator in 'shut up and commit yourself if it's important to you." When I need motivation, I just look at the Picture in my 'london' frame.

Imp is banking funds for his travel accounts.

I've sucked up and signed the lease renewal, but I have yet to find the courage to put it in the mail. I don't want to live here. I want to live in Italy. I'm looking for a way to work in Italy. Not so easy, the Italian unemployment rate is a whopping 19%. I would like to stay in my area of expertise, although there is something mildly attractive about getting certified to teach English. But first I need to have a grasp of the italian language... (not to mention that my writing skills are atrocious; I am a master at incomplete sentences and dangling participles. And starting sentences with prepositional phrases.)

The older I get, the more I find myself longing for a simpler and less hectic life... and yet I manage to continue to complicate my own life. It amuses me, greatly...

All is good here. I must get into the shower and prepare myself for a weekend of shows.

Love and Light to you all!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tell me what to do...

Tell me what to do,
with Me, Myself, and I.
Gonna take a time machine to get it right...

Yes, I'm listening to Darren crooning, and trying not to keen.

I thought I had managed to avoid the post vacation blues, but they have apparently struck full force this week. It only took me 3 days to realize it. My neck and right shoulder is seriously out of whack, and this only compounds the impending misery. Pain merely intensifies emotions. I am grateful that I am still able to move my arm... Usually when the neck goes wonky, I am unable to turn to my head or lift my arm; this is not the case. I have full mobility, it just SNAPS on occasion, causing fissions of vision and stars to sparkle... Acupuncture and massage on Monday should correct this problem, providing I can manage to make it through the weekend.

Oh, I think I'm whining...

It's been a very busy week for this Imp. Shopping for the opera company during the day, as well as an extra unexpected work call on the show. Will be nice having extra billable hours this week, as Papa has bills to pay, trips to save for, and saving to do for this impending labor dispute which is going to force me (one way or the other) out of work for a while.

The propaganda continues to fly in all directions, and I grow weary of it. I just want this resolved so I can be secure in my job. It doesn't help that I have nothing to gain from this work issue. I have a lot at stake, but nothing to gain. It isn't MY contract, but I am well aware of the trickle down effect it's going to have on ALL of us. At this point, I just think that both sides are being assholes, and I just don't want to be associated with it. I just want to go to work and make my money and get the hell out of the theatre, and enjoy the things that are my life.

Meanwhile, Darren has rumored a New Years Eve event in London. $$$

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on travel websites lately (when the internet connection decides to stay steady). There is an extreme amount of travel I want and need to accomplish this winter/spring. Weddings, visits, and international travel, not to mention my newly realized concert obsessions. Nothing has been purchased, I'm just keeping my eye on prices.

I will be starting my studies on Monday or Tuesday. I have a new hobby that is soon to start. I am going to learn to speak Italian. My rosetta stone software should arrive early next week. This should provide something to occupy my time this 'winter' when I'm not out trying to earn my living and funding my travel accounts. Concerning this new language, I've worked opera for so many years, it's past time I actually had some grasp of the language. As I told a friend of mine this week (when discussing my Italian crush), It's only fair that I be able to confuse/amuse him with my Italian, as he confuses/amuses me with his English. ;-)

Well boys and girls, the time has come for Imp to gimp into the shower and prepare for the typical two show Saturday. Oh joy and rapture! At least i know I'll be enjoying a great dinner between shows today. The girrls are taking AuntiE out for dinner today!!!

Enjoy your weekends!!! Imp will be OK... he just needs some peace. You hear that Joe... if you persist on invading what is no longer yours, you will suffer the consequences. You have no power here, and I will no longer tolerate unwelcome intrusions. I can and will be happy without you.

Love and Light to you all!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Enrico, il mio amore bello


What a day it's been so far:

I've been seriously productive today. Finally got completely unpacked from London, and the suitcase (damaged upon return) has been stowed.

3 trips to the market, because I can only carry so much at one time. I'm not kidding when I say Old Mother Hubbard had Nothing in the cupboard. I'm pretty stocked up for the week now. There is a potroast in the crockpot with carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes. It will be smelling good here any moment.

I pulled out and stowed the Air Conditioner for the winter AND I washed the inside and outside (NASTY) of the Window. Little Roo is in 7th Heaven, as she can now sit in the windowsill and gaze out upon 9th Ave again.

I got a phone call from Phantom; they want me to swing shows during the holiday season. They are going to want an answer soon and with the labor dispute happening right now, I'm not giving up the full time show I know. Although I'm sorely tempted. I just need promises of more work from other people... Just ONE more, I've been promised stitching work for the winter, but it's not union scale and I don't want to sell myself short. If I'm going to spend my time sewing, I would rather it be at union rate. One of my other co-workers will be doing a show in November, so I need to get on the phone and tell her I've interested.

I really need to get over to the bank website and print out my London expenses so I can get my computer books balanced... I've been waiting for everything to post so I can enter the exchange rate/conversions.

I've got to find an afternoon to take care of Idiot work/errands. My freakin show screwed several people by failing to report our 2005 wages to Social Security. So now I get to spend the afternoon at the SS office in NYC with tax forms and letters and get it straightened out. These are MY benefits so I have to take care of it. But tell me WHY this is my responsibility? I'm not the one who fucked up... This company I work for, I swear sometimes...

Then a trip over to the Union office. The health insurance battle is about to commence. I had a trip to the ER back on Dec 23rd of 2006. I got a bill from the hospital on September something, right before I left for London, followed shortly after by a rejection letter from my insurance company. They denied the claim because they didn't recieve it within 90 days of service. So here I sit with a $300 bill heading towards collections becuase of the hospital didn't submit in time. I'm not even going to argue with them, I'm going to turn the union on them. Hopefully I can get them involved (they pay the premiums) and they will reconsider. Wish me luck on my battle with Oxford...

OK, off to more computer work. I have hundreds of pictures to photoshop, and other computer business to manage.

This has been my first 'real' day at home since I got back from London and I've got a huge domestic fling happening. So I'm going to continue running with it while I have the energy!!

Love and Light!


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Who Would Have Thought?

I'm back from London. Jet-lagged, mildly confused, and quite upset with the cracked out bitch who has been standing outside my window for the last hour, screaming about her 300 dollars.

I have many tales to tell about my travels, but now isn't the time. I need to be able to think clearly first. Perhaps around Thursday, after I get settled back into work and home.

The concert at RAH was INCREDIBLE!!!! I made many new friends and had a throughly wonderful time!

Many thanks to D for taking care of my girrls while I was away.

I'll leave you with one interesting tidbit from my travels...

I fell in love with a beautiful Italian in London. Yes, I fell hard. Walking around the sites of London hand in hand. It was an amazing two days together before our lives ripped us apart.

Who would have thought
It could be amazing?
Who would have thought
The tiny courageous?
Who would have thought
That love so belated
Could save me
And bring me back to you?

I had to find you, had to let you know
That you aren't all alone,
We didn't make the rules
I had to find you, had to get right back
To you

My next international trip will definitely be Italy.

Love and Light to you all!!!

(what day is it?)