Friday, March 21, 2008


I don't know about the rest of you'ings, but I'm happy it's spring!!!

Did any of you see the full moon last night?! It refused to be ignored here last night, even the scattered clouds couldn't weaken its light last night!

I barely made it home before midnight, but I had a quick meditation and then headed outside with a few of my crystals; time for an intense purification and recharge.

May this new spring season bring many blessings upon all of you, my friends.

The turning of the pages continues in my life. I'm not where I want to be (I don't know where I want to be, but I'm not there); although, I am taking intelligent steps to get there.

With everything else that has been happening: I'm trying very hard to finish out my broadway without losing my sh!t. It's hard when I mentally left the show months ago, only to be recalled by everything that's happening. I have to be present mentally for the show these days; mainly because others are NOT. (Regardless of this being their own fault, or not). I am not pointing fingers.... I'm just angry that I am not capable of keeping my head down and letting it fall to shit around me due to others lack of concern/involvement/sobriety.

"Effie, we All got Pain."

The brand new chapter will be beginning soon. I was in hopes that I would be able to close the show without having to put new people in; such is not the case. And every day it become more and more apparent that I waited too long. There is a mass exodus beginning from the show. Many people are switching positions or flat out leaving. More are to follow.

What does that say to the producers? It SHOULD be a social comment on the way things are managed, from the very top - down. Unfortunately, all they see is the btm line (which has always been treating them DAMN well on this show), and the opportunity to cut salaries and hire in all new newbies, who are willing to work for minimum. Well, they do call it show BUSINESS for a reason, don't they?

You get what you pay for...

Evidently, I'm not done bitching about it yet. But I will be pleased to get away from the green machine and watch it evolve withOUT me. Many happy returns.

Summer plans are up in the air. Due to a conflict of interest, Italia has been placed on hold (again... I'm beginning to think it's not going to happen; but I trust the universe and hear it Loud and Clear that This is Not The Time).

For those of you who haven't already heard: I'm designing a production of Pirates of Penzance for Bradley University in the Fall. I've already started the process. So I have fall work lined up, which will be excited and fun, and stepping back into the freelance world once again. I have a nice long break from the ballet after June 29th.

Some of you in the more exotic locales just might be seeing me this summer. Instead of one big trip, I just might have to do a mini tour of my own... be afraid, be very afriad!!! HAHAHA

Must go and change the laundry over. now. Yes, I've been reduced to doing my own laundry. GASP!!!

Love and Light!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Greetings again friends. Day 2 was a rest day!!! I slept in till 9:30 and then just enjoyed coffee on the screened in front porch/balcony as i watched a good ole thunderstorm blow in front the gulf.

I spent a bit too long on the beach on monday. I did end up a bit sunburned. I just didn't realize it till the morning, when I the water hit my back... YOW!!!! hehehe

So I took it easy yesterday and just relaxed. i wandered into the opera house and saw the peeps that I didn't see on Monday.

Then I came back to the apartment and watched the rain and read my book. Just chillin and kickin back.

Had a great dinner at the chinese bucket, erhm, buffet. Fat as a cow. We then stopped for some booze... I found that one precious bottle of wine that I so enjoy, Ruffino's Il Ducale, The 2003 vintage is delicious. I think i'm going to have to find my way to them when i am in Toscana this summer. hehehe

Went to bed early as I had to get up this morning and take a friend to a drs appointment. So was up at 7am this morning. All good though!!! It's a breezy 70 degrees today and I plan to wander downtown for a bit, grab a bite of lunch on the fly, and then get ready for my dinner party this evening.

the decompression continues....

Love and light to you all!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SRQ day(?) 1

I come to you with the sun on my face, the white sand between my toes (and in my ears and nose, and anywhere else it got blown), and the wind blowing through my purple hair. Is there anything that blue waters and white sand can't mend?

Actually, yes, but we aren't worried about those things right now. Non importa.

What a blissful day I had yesterday. I was up at 8am (no change there), took a shower and put on the only clothes I had and wandered into the opera house. After a quick Hello to everyone in the shop, I took a trip to the box office to let them know that my luggage was supposed to be delivered in the morning and to please accept it. Then i wandered a few doors down to the 'daytime cafe' for one of my favorite breakfasts in Sarasota. it's called the turkey dill: basically an omelet with turkey, tomatoes, peppers, topped with a light holliandase sauce and dill. Served with fresh fruit and hashbrowns. Add some fresh Florida orange juice and it's the perfect start to the day!!!

During breakfast, one of the box office managers walked in to inform me my luggage had arrived, so i picked that up and promptly came home to shower/change into shorts and short sleeves (don't be hating, I've earned this trip).

It was SUCH a beautiful day, I just had to make a trip to the beach. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take someones lunch into the opera house, which I discovered upon my return to the apartment with the luggage. In the flurry of getting back out the door, I failed to grab the sunscreen and bathing suit, which I realized upon arriving at the beach.

So I just sat in the sand in my shorts, and waded in the gulf and watched pelicans dive into the water in pursuit of their lunch. Quite an entertaining couple of hours. There were very few people on my section of the beach, so I got to peacefully sit and contemplate life and listen to the surf.

Not 25 minutes after my arrival at the beach, I got a phone call inquiring about my availability for a job in August/Sept, which I am available to do. I don't know money yet, but it would be a fun project, and would also consist of me holding a masterclass for a university while I am in residence.

Do I need another confirmation/validation that I have made the right decision in leaving the current Broadway show? No, I don't! It's nice to have one though.

The stress of the last several months is slowly peeling away. I know I've made the proper choice, and I'm excited that I'm going to be able to do other things again. There IS a method to my madness, a plan in action, for the all the decisions I've made in the last 5 months.

I got a thank you card from my two bosses at the ballet right before I left town, reminding me how happy they were to have me, and that they were glad I was going to be joining them for the spring season. It touched me, right there; nice to be reminded that one is appreciated.

Had a brief conversation with one of the music directors here, one of my co-workers, when i was working here many years ago. He made an off handed comment about wishing I would come back, and i think I surprised him when I told him that we should talk about it. "Really?! You would consider coming back?!"

"Yes, I just said we should talk about it."

Let me state again just how nice it is to have options.

Of course, things are also changing in the other costume shop (where I am now assisting from NYC) and I've been told it won't be long before the local assistant retires. I love how people try to feel me out... Yes, we may discuss work for next year, I am officially entertaining options and offers. The opera is also going to start a fall season here, so instead of 4 shows a year, there will be 6? Curious.

For some reason (yet to be examined too deeply) I've been wondering how I feel if I left the city. Years ago i stated the NYC had wrecked me from living anywhere else. Time and people change, and I'm no longer so adamant about that statement. I am happy in the new home in Queens. I like my 'home.' Now, more than ever, that is important to me. Getting my career moving in a different direction is also important to me. Doing things that I enjoy is important to me. Traveling to the places I want to see is important to me. Not working 6 days a week for the rest of my life is important to me.

Somehow, I'm going to get it all figured out; eventually. hehehe

Sidetracked?! yes, but this is what goes through my mind on the beach. It's always had the power to open my mind to different paths and options. The beach has always been an important place of mediation and creative thinking.

After the beach, I went to a very large grocery store. You know, with WIDE aisles, that you push a cart around?! hehehe Got a few staples for the week, and also the ingredients for my infamous Pasta Salad (what I have started calling the $40 pasta salad). yes, there is that much stuff in it. It gave me the sense of domestication that I was craving, making that pasta salad. Quite a lovely end to the free day.... by the time i cleaned up the kitchen, I was racing out the door to the first dress rehearsal for the opera.

Lovely clothes, no major complaints, mostly dressing notes, and there are a few hats that need to be tweaked today but onward and upward. The new pieces are lovely and the show overall is even more beautiful than it was 8(?) years ago. This is going to be a very easy tech the rest of the week, for which I am very grateful.

I'm going to wander around town this afternoon, and most likely get wet. it looks and feels like rain, but I won't be IN the sun today, just wandering around with some serious SPF on. Perhaps I'll have another afternoon at the beach on Wednesday.

Off to a great start to this working vacation. more to follow loves.

Love and Light!

Monday, March 03, 2008

What in the hell

Delta connection partners: There is a reason why you are close to bankrupt.

What a travel day I had. it was a comedy of errors from the very beginning.

Let's just say that I finally made it to Sarasota. I made it. The first plane, direct flight didn't go off as planned. We were on the plane, away from the gate, and then back to the gate and deboarding an hour later.

Then we were waiting in line, being rerouted. kiss the direct flight goodbye, you are now flying through Ohio to Florida.

Both planes were delayed (thankfully the connection was delayed or I wouldn't have made it), and so I arrived again, after midnight. Only to discover that no one on the flight was getting luggage, as they couldn't get the door open, and there was no maintaince people on duty at this time of night. So they will be dropping off my suitcase at the opera house in the morning.

Does anyone remember a time when Delta was a good airline?

It doesn't matter really.... I have blossemed like an exotic nightflower. Just a dab of humidity, and seeing the palm trees started the release of the last few months. I'm in FLORIDA, it's warm, and I have nothing but social (and anti social) events to keep me busy this week.

I have a connection with Sarasota (like I have with new orleans). I just feel at peace whenever I am here. Even if I am working. Luckily I have the important paperwork with me for the opera tech this week, as I wonder where my new shiny suitcase is.... I failed to ask if they actually GOT it on the plane or not...

Just wanted to check in and let you know that I made it here.

New stories to tell later, perhaps upon return....

Love and Light to you all.