Monday, March 23, 2009

Oatmeal Scotchies or Rosetta Stone.?

That was the quandary today kids. Do I make the Scotchies or do I spend an afternoon with my Italian Lessons?

It will come as no surprise that I have close to 6 dozen cookies in the kitchen. hehehe

Somehow, I just could bring myself to SIT down at the computer for a language lesson this afternoon. By the time I got done baking (typically theraputic), I was too Tired for actual brain processing work!!

So I took a nap instead. Two actually. I decided I couldn't sit in front of the computer all afternoon, doing anything.

So I didn't. I am quite close to finishing Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It's been quite enjoyable, and I feel comfortable that the final WOT (WHEEL OF TIME) novel has been left in his capable hands. Here, I have faith!

Now that my afternoon of laying around is over, I must pull it together for the rest of the week. I have errands and meetings and dinners (oh my) in the city to attend to on the morrow. I am actually working a day this week, at the Garden, (No, it's not Britney, though i do know about 1/2 of their crew). It for the circuis.

Clowns? Ohhhhh I hope not.



I would like it to warm up now. Imp wants to go play in the dirt.

Love and Light!


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