Wednesday, February 18, 2009

busy busy busy

hello peeps!

i've been a very busy camper... even on these days off here in montreal. i've been in front of the computer 12 or 14 hours a day. bleeding money, doing my part to stimulate the economy.

alitalia had a rare sale on tickets, so i jumped and purchased. i'll be out of the usa 29 june - 20 july. 3 blissful weeks in italia. timing is everything, and nycballet is helped by ending the spring season early enough to allow me to make it to siena in time for il palio, with my italian, thank you.

i have secured the most gorgeous loft in firenze for the week following il palio. i am over the top excited about the space. i discovered this loft online about 4 years, and i am just thrilled that i found it available for the week i wanted it. in addition, it's close to the train station (walking 200 meters) so any day trips (lucca) are easy and more than doable!!!

plus i've been online booking our hawaiian activities for march. all the while looking for lodging in italia and trying to block out my remaining time for roma, salerno, et. al.

plus i've been thoroughly enjoying my quiet alone time.

we depart montreal tomorrow morning, before sunrise (4:45AM) and head towards san jose, via dallas. the last week of ugliness commences tomorrow, bright and early.

bring it on!

i'm ready to wrap this puppy!!! 4 more shows and i get come home!

where the taxes and months of mail await me.

hope all of you are doing well!!

love and light!


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