Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to Work II

I'm back at the ballet again Peeps!

I'm whipping out arts and crafts and labels like nobodies business. Seriously, one of my missions was sewing teeth on the mythical monsters heads (think mascot) for Firebird. It's going to be a fantastical fantasy. I can't wait to get it off my table and on the stage!

Coppelia is also prepping. As is some Scottish Concerto complete with kilts, waistcoats, and sporrans.

"Let Me, Entertain You!"

Speaking of entertainment: Have you seen Susan Boyle on youtube?

I wept.

I want to be her vocal coach for 3 months.

I think I'm going to be booking another international holiday for 2009. I should know in the next few days if it's going to really happen or not. Imp thinks he shall see Prague.

I'm about to lock down/commit to bookings for the remainder of the Italia adventures. I've about got it mapped out. Me and google maps are Tight!!

I picked up my new glasses today.

I still need a haircut, and I'm oiling up the clippers.

I was a good boy and spent 90 minutes on my Italian Lessons/Rosetta Stone.

The tickets for Darren Hayes' New Years Eve concert/party/bash went on sale to the general public today. SOB I can't allow myself to go. I won't be able to be away from work, and so I've been replying to all my international friends (who ARE ticketed) and explaining that I can't get away. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to spend the night rocking into 2010, in London, with all my international flava's and His Lordship.

Not to mention it's his first concert in two years...

With Free Champagne...

I'm not bitter.

Wheel of Time Fans: The next Robert Jordan tome should be released for the holidays. Go here for the breakdown on the next release.

Speaking of the next tome, Brandon Sanderson is finishing up the WoT series. He was chosen by Jordan's wife as the knight to receive Jordons notes and outlines on the finale.

I have read 2 of his previous novels. Elantris and the First Mistborn. He's brilliant. He's got a brilliant mind, and in-depth yet easy writing style. You don't mind the number of pages. The telling of the final days of the Dragon Reborn are in good hands, I think. I'm looking forward to finishing the 2nd Mistborn book before next Tuesday, when the third (and most current) paperback is released.

That's all I got kids. I'm glad I'm home and back to work.

Time to take care of some business and make some bank, before I throw my costume da bango in a suitcase and head off towards the Mediterranean.

Love and Light!


Anonymous Devon Ellington said...

It all sounds great.

April 27, 2009 8:00 AM  

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