Saturday, June 09, 2007

Showing and Lazy

I'm up early, way too early for the day ahead of me. I'm heading back to an old show of mine to do two performances today. It's only been 2 1/2 years since I ran this track, but it is MY old track and not someone elses. It will be like a walk down memory lane (except with different people). I hope it's still in my body and muscle memory, cause I have not reviewed or anything... hehehe

It's been a strange couple of nights here in the bedroom for me. I'm not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time; constantly awakening from deranged dreams all night long is rather discomforting. And of course, per usual, I refuse to take a sleeping pill when I go to bed, and by the time 5am rolls around, it's too late to take one. I just hate it when I'm 'Stupid Stubborn!" I will not follow that path of reasoning this evening. As soon as I'm home from work, I'm taking a pill and going to bed. I'm going to begin to get testy and cranky if I don't get some decent sleep soon.

I've been rather lazy the last few weeks, as far as getting anything productive accomplished. My focus has been much more on relaxing and entertainment than on work. Isn't that what a reduced summer schedule means?! I get to have a life? I've been very zen about work. I go when I'm scheduled or when they call, but I haven't gone out of my way to pursue any work. All too soon I will most likely be back to working 6 days a week again and therefore I'm going to enjoy this summer, Dammit. It was one of the main reasons I bailed out of my show in the first place.

I took a delightful stroll down one of our newer pier parks on the river this week. My lunch date canceled (late and too close to my dinner date for me to actually EAT something before my dinner date). So I grabbed some ice cream and took a two hour walk/sit on the west side pier. It was the best day of the week, not a bit humid and only about 73 degrees. I got some sun without baking, roasting, sweating; a nice river breeze whipping through my fresh haircut just made the moment for me. It's amazing how one simple city block here can remove you just enough from the NYC madness. It's just far enough out into the river to give you a bit of peace and quiet. I was the target for a flyby by a flock of ducks: that added just enough excitement for the afternoon...

I've been glued to myspace the last month. I'm one of the older people on there, I swear, but I joined to get the inside scoop on the Darren Hayes items. New music, news of the concerts and new album, et. al. It's paid off, I'm going to see (both) his NYC concerts this month. The first one is on Monday, and I'm so wound up about it I can hardly sit still. I'm taking my friend E. to this one, as his birthday present. He's a fan too and we are going to have a grand time! I'm taking one of my monkeys to the 2nd show, two weeks later. We are also going to have a blast. I've been looking forward to these events since they were rumored 3 months ago.
So I've been playing what new music I can, and I'm really excited about seeing Darren Live again. The concert at Radio City I saw years ago was amazing!! It will be great to see him in a more intimate setting!

I've been getting out of the house a bit more than I'm used too. I evidently started drinking again last week. Two big nights out in one week has kicked the vodka gene into high gear... It's all good, I'm in training for my Omaha visit next month. Have to get the tolerance level back to levels that can sustain a week in the big O. Lord knows I can't arrive being the lightweight I've become. Evidently my liver has received the memo, and replied for me to bring it on!!! hehehe

No more asking about the choir teacher, ok!? After a record 5 dates, he lost my phone number or interest. I'm okay with it. REALLY. Nice guy, but seriously, if this is what dating nyc guys is like... I'm resolute in the fact that I'm still better off single. And there will be NO repeats of the last BF, EVER. "Bitter: table of one?!" Not really, just older, wiser, and less tolerant. (as well as more aware of my own baggage). ;-)

Tis a busy time in the city! The Tonys are tomorrow. Best of Luck to my Scottie on Curtains! And seriously boo, I hope that other stuff has cleared up for you!!! What is that? I'm supposed to be the sensitive one!!! (with the cold cold heart). LMAO

Ok, I had best do the final apartment sweep and get ready for two shows. TWO shows in one day... Lord I've become soft... I haven't done a two show day in a month and 1/2. And this is the track with the 5 flights of stairs. My knees are going to be bitchin at me by 11pm tonight... hehehe

Love and Light!