Sunday, May 25, 2008


The Yellow Roses are now blooming...

Monday, May 19, 2008

First of the season

The First Rose to bloom in my garden, I got a perfect one, right out of the gate...
Love and Light to you all!


Hack: as in coughing your brains out...

Imp has got the crud; thanks to a certain someone at work coughing all over him about 10 days ago. GRRRR Keep yo hands and yo germs to yo-self people...

I stayed at home in bed yesterday, all day. Luckily I had plenty of juice in the house, and kept pouring the OJ and the Cranberry juice (sans the vodka).

Felt well enough this morning to sort and do the laundry (cause Monday is the only laundry day I have until July). Went to the 'other' laundromat and I am going to continue to go there. Nice people, big, clean... and most importantly, not ghetto. I mean not trashy... I was actually thrilled to be at the laundromat, sick as that is. And I was in and out in 90 minutes, which included bedding. Which can only mean that the dryers actually get hot... and they do, I shrunk the kittens blanket...

There are a few dozen oatmeal/raisin cookies on my buffet, cooling; the corned beef is on the stove and starting to smell great, just barely bubbling in one of my favorite stock pots. Evidently I'm being a domestic Imp today. Which means I'll have meals and snacks for a couple of days!!!

The new gig has been going great. More hours that I had forecast, but when you have 54 shows to rep in 9 weeks.... I'm adjusting to being away from the broadway, and dealing solely with dancers, and ballet dancers at that. It's a whole other world; and I'm fine here for the time being. It's a decent cheque, not too taxing on the brain, and it will be over at the end of June, and then I can begin dealing with the upcoming show that I'm designing for a midwestern, private, liberal arts university.

The libretto arrived today in the mail...

I am in lust with the mailman. No seriously.

The first Rose of the season has bloomed. Will post the pic after I transfer it... One of the 3 rosebushes produces Red Roses. We are still waiting to see what the other ones are; no one here seems to recall what color they were.

I am currently waging a losing battle with the Queens squirrels. Those little buggers keep digging out my snapdragons in the front bed. I mean completely digging the rootballs out of the ground. I head out for my morning coffee to see my ladies drying out in the dirt.

As of yet, they are staying away from my tomatoes... as well they should!!!

All is well here on the NY front.

Love and Light to you all!