Monday, March 23, 2009

Oatmeal Scotchies or Rosetta Stone.?

That was the quandary today kids. Do I make the Scotchies or do I spend an afternoon with my Italian Lessons?

It will come as no surprise that I have close to 6 dozen cookies in the kitchen. hehehe

Somehow, I just could bring myself to SIT down at the computer for a language lesson this afternoon. By the time I got done baking (typically theraputic), I was too Tired for actual brain processing work!!

So I took a nap instead. Two actually. I decided I couldn't sit in front of the computer all afternoon, doing anything.

So I didn't. I am quite close to finishing Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It's been quite enjoyable, and I feel comfortable that the final WOT (WHEEL OF TIME) novel has been left in his capable hands. Here, I have faith!

Now that my afternoon of laying around is over, I must pull it together for the rest of the week. I have errands and meetings and dinners (oh my) in the city to attend to on the morrow. I am actually working a day this week, at the Garden, (No, it's not Britney, though i do know about 1/2 of their crew). It for the circuis.

Clowns? Ohhhhh I hope not.



I would like it to warm up now. Imp wants to go play in the dirt.

Love and Light!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Here! Here!!!

It's about time... I'm writing a letter of thanks to my House Rep!!! Get em!!

It's about time they cracked down on these bastards!

Happy Spring

Too funny!!! It's the spring equinox and it's snowing outside.

Up bright and early this morning and already re-arranging the house. The new bedding is being delivered sometime this 'morning' and i had to remove the old mattress from the room, as well as clearing a path for the new one to arrive. Meaning I had to take down all the artwork in the stairwell and move a few of the 'old man carts' so that doors open completely.

I'm very excited, I've been wanting and needing that new mattress for over a year. I didn't realize how bad it was until I left home on tour and started sleeping on decent mattresses. I still grumble about it, the current mattress was brand new when i moved to NYC, 9 years ago, but after 3 months, I left for a gig, and in that time, My lard-ass roommate slept in my bed while I was away. Permanently denting the poor springs. It wasn't QUITE a taco mattress, but there was a serious dent, no matter what way i flipped it.

What better time to recycle the old and bring in the new?

It's been a theme here too. I've been going nuts with the cleaning since I arrived home from the tour. Yah, I did all the paperwork, but then I attacked the dresser, closets, and storage. I recycled and threw out roughly half of my wardrobe (summer AND winter). It was past time for a good purge. Several bags went to Goodwill, but the majority of it went into the trash, even costumes. For some reason, I've been in the mood to lighten my load and my life. GET RID OF IT!!!

The cleaning frenzy didn't disappear over my Holiday. I came home, unpacked, and then attacked the kitchen. I've packed 2 more boxes of things for Goodwill, and temporarily opened up some shelf space in the kitchen. Then I reorganized the common shelves and now there is actually room to get items in and out. I've lived here long enough now that things are 'ours' instead of Yours and Mine. I haven't used my set of (relatively) brand new dishes, so pack them up and put them away!! Just use 'our' dishes and pots and pans. I think my roommate will be quite surprised upon her return home... There is significantly more shelf space now, which makes me Very Happy!

My current roomie is off in Paris, enjoying her birthday!! I returned from Holiday to have the house to myself. Bliss!!! I am Daddy once again, I had ALL of the kittahs in bed with me last night, which was delightful until they started spitting and hissing. Bast being the worst offender. She saw me put the suitcase away and realized I was staying home. I'm HER DADDY, and woe betide anyone who attempts to get between us. I've often laughed and said she is the dominant Kittah; she is, when she wants to be. She was stepping up last night. My Daddy, My Bed. This honestly rocked Horus's world last night; Bast laying down the law. The battle of the Gods/Godesses, all taking place within inches of my body.

Despite my best efforts, I woke up swollen and puffy this morning. Alas, tis true, I've developed a full blown allergic reaction to cats... This doesn't stop me from loving them, it just means we have to enforce the blanket rule. This is YOUR blanket, this is Daddys blanket. You stay on yours, and I'll stay on mine, and stay OFF Daddys (new) pillows!!! We have pettin's and then I have to go and wash my hands and face. This seems to be working. I just find it disturbing and ironic that sometime in the last year I've developed this allergy to my pets.

While I am awaiting delivery, I'm going to make myself useful in the office/studio. Sometime in my absence, the roommate cleaned and organized. I feel the subtle hint to do the same... and since I appear to be on a roll, I'm going to tackle that today. We will have to rent a car sometime next week to haul all this stuff away. I just keep cleaning with a passion.

It's therapy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I'm scheduling events/dinners/conferences. I'm home for a few weeks before I start working again. Once I leave to do the Masterclass tour I am back to work. A Long Weekend followed by my immediate return to NYC and the Ballet.

Which means at some point, I'm going to have to get off Facebook and finalize my itinerary for Italia this summer.

That's all I've got this morning kids.

May you have a Spring in your step, and Wind to thy Wings.

Love and Light!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I hath returned

I have returned home!! It is bliss, unpacking the suitcase, knowing I don't have to go anywhere for the next 3 weeks.

Time to get caught up on the homefront, and be domestic!!! I feel a baking afternoon coming on!

Give me a few days to get settled, and I'll be in touch....

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I'm wrapped.

I'm alive.

I'm resting and cooking.

I'll be home tomorrow evening.

Love and Light!