Friday, June 26, 2009

Counting down

EEKK!!! i leave on monday!

it's going well, this week 'off' and being unemployed has been good in many ways. first and foremost, i've managed to catch up on some life things that i've been putting off. things like drs appointments and dental work and dealing with the multitude of banking institutions that i support.

i have to give kudos to travelocity and their customer service department. i spent 20 minutes on the phone with them this morning, and they were most helpful. the airline changed my connecting flight in Roma, resulting in a 6 hour layover before my flight to pisa. of course, this made me not at all happy, as i have a dear friend picking me up at the airport in pisa. i called and asked if they could change my flight and just eliminate the flight to pisa. travelocity called the airline and made the rebooking. no fees, and an apology for changing my itinerary so drastically. so now my friend is picking me up in roma, and we'll have an afternoon of sun instead of me wandering the roma aeroporta for 6 hours before a connecting flight boards. are you listening you bastards at united? customer service and NO FEE'S to change an inconvenience to their passenger, on a non refundable ticket. go alitalia/travelocity.

i am very pleased!

i'm heading into the city shortly to have my hair cut. a little trim, a little texture, it's all good.

i spent two hours in acupuncture on wednesday. after a day of feeling beat HARD, i'm feeling much better. the stress level at work had gotten to me so bad, i was knotted up in ways previously unimagined. numbness in all limbs and neck and face. i had more knots in my left shoulder than a 3 mast ship. seriously, i was a hot-mess.

not that needles and unemployment haven't managed though. i'm actually feeling much better.

i got offered a gig for the winter down in sunny sarasota. yes, i'm going back to the opera for the winter. i haven't committed to a firm YES, SEND THE CONTRACT yet, but i will. i have decided i'm going to do it, i just told them they had to wait for a firm answer until i returned from my adventures. it will be very exciting, as we are remounting magic flute, and i assisted the designer on it 4 or 5 years ago, and it's beautiful and it's my Egyptian baby. i'll be the third draper form the left for the season. no, it's not my old job there, they have eliminated that position due to the ecomony/budget cuts, but the other designer wants me onboard and onboard i shall be.

10 weeks out of the blow and cold. yah, it's less money than i'd make in nyc, but worth it, specially now when i'm wondering if i'm ever going to see sunshine again!

the packing continues. i went shopping yesterday for a few last minute things and come home with more shoes. lmao i have plenty of new clothes for the trip, the majority of it linen!

uhm, i've started getting fat, which i discovered when i started trying on shorts that i've owned for years... thus i purchased a few pair of linen pants, some of which i hemmed and tailored, others i tailored and turned into shorts.

i'm set.

the list grows smaller of things that must be accomplished before i leave the country. blissfully smaller...

although i am concerned... after months of no sun and endless gloom and rain in nyc, i see roma e firenze is now forcasting RAIN my first week in attendance... oh well

il palio di siena here i come.

i doubt i will make numerous blog entries during my trip, but i will be keeping a journal and will update you when convenient, but this could be upon my return to the states.

the adventure commences in 3 days!!!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

keep on keeping on

moving forward. just keep moving forward.

it's been a rough season so far this year peeps. lots going on at the Ballet. i'm just trying to keep my head down, get my stitching work done, hang up the sweaty clothes, and take the train back home.

that's it. my career in a nut-house, erhm, nut-shell.

i've been attempting to operate under my mothers old adage, if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all...










now that you're done reading between the lines:

i've completed all the IT plans that i'm going to make. the remaining days in Italia, i'm just going to wing it and wander.

less than 30 days before i land in Pisa.

i started packing yesterday, following a trip to banana republic. i picked up a few polo's, and payed a few more dollars than i felt necessary for a pair of linen shorts but i like them and they fit. it wasn't until i got home that i realized i'm going to have to purchase different underwear to wear with the shorts. who knew you could see right through that linen... lmao or i'm going to have to cut and install a lining, which defeats the purpose of the linen... it's all good though, i do have a pair of white underwear, someWHERE.

that's all i've got time for today. i'm leaving for work a smidgen early today so that i can stop by borders and pick up DEMON MISTRESS, by Yasmine Galenorn. the latest in the series is released today.

happy reading, writing, and summer to you all.

moving forward, keep moving forward.

love and light!