Monday, October 31, 2005

Mondays are the Best

Mondays Rock here in Manhattan. I know, I know; some of you may be questioning my thinking. When you work in show business in NYC, you live for Monday. It's the day when most of the Broadway houses are 'dark,' meaning closed. In regular terms that means "Day Off!!" While this doesn't apply to film or TV work, it does apply to my current Broadway gig. So while most of the world is bemoaning the fact that it's Monday, a small portion of us rejoice in our day of freedom, gladly allowing the rest of the population to go about their business while we either relax... or run around like mad, trying to get everything we need to do DONE, in our one day outside of the workplace.

Yes, that's right. When you work on a Broadway show, you get ONE day off a week. It's one of the sacrifices you must make to your life for your craft (or at least for a steady paycheck)! We do eight shows a week in 6 days. It's a hard schedule to maintain at times; especially when you are young and would like to have a life outside the theatre. I found myself with a free 30 minutes on Friday (between daywork and the show) and I stopped into a local watering hole to smack a howdy on 'the Jonathans.' It was great seeing both of them again, it had been months! It was hard to leave Happy Hour and go back to work, but as I explained to them; "I work when everyone else is playing." It's one of the sacrifices I came to terms with long ago. But it wasn't easy to leave the typical Friday night revelry to go back to work. I sometimes contemplate taking a weekend off, but that rather quickly gets vetoed once you realize that a weekend off cuts your paycheck in 1/2. Yes, in half!!

I worked doubles all week last week; it was, well, Wicked. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was more then ready to collapse. Last week was a special week at our theatre, as Sunday was the 2nd anniversary of our show being on Broadway. The icing on the cake was that we had a block party Sunday morning, complete with the finals of a singing competition. I missed most of the block party as I was inside the theatre, prepping the costumes for the 8th and final performance of the week. It was WORK for all the various people involved, but the producers did sponsor a private party for the entire company following the performance. I did not attend. I was busy fulfilling a promise to my best friend, followed by a delightful dinner at a local eatery in midtown. I wouldn't have had it any other way...

My good friend Devon was staying with me on and off this month while she was shooting a TV Pilot. It was a very grueling process for her and I know she's glad to have that particular project wrapped, and be able to get back to her life, her writing (and her own kittens at home). You could (and SHOULD) consult her blog (listed in my link section as "ink in my coffee") for an informative insight into the daily life of working in Film/TV. She WILL educate you in the joys of working outside of a Broadway theatre, and that's not all... She's also one of the most productive writers I've had the pleasure to know personally. (And she's a damn fine lady to boot!) Thanks for the pleasure of your Company D., it was great having you as a guest this month. And special thanks for your help/insight on getting this blog set-up and running.

In other 'recommended reading," you should also check out my friend Davids blog. As an aspiring playwright/actor/waiter, he has an unsurpassed sense of humor about the entire industry (as his many plays will attest). I laugh out LOUD when I read his work and his comments. He has a definite gift. I need not say anymore; the proof is in his blog. Please reference his 100 shows in 2005 section, and take note of his thoughts on "IN MY LIFE." Seldom have I appreciated such uncanny wit and biting sarcasm!! Oh, and he's hot too!!

I have a busy day ahead of me (on my day off). I have to go shopping for a ceiling fan as a co-worker will stopping by later this week to install it. I have no desire to attempt it myself. The post office is also in my near future as I have the first batch of Christmas Presents to send. I know it's still October, but I am actually on the ball this year, and more importantly... I live in a small mid-town apartment. Which roughly translates into having next to no space. So everything I can get mailed/shipped out now is just one less thing to either trip over, or have the kittens paw on! hehehe

That's it for the Monday Edition. Happy Halloween!

With Love and Light!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Starting Off

Ok kids, here it is... My first blog ever. So to start off the show, I'll give you a hint to how I came up with the title of this blog. Knowingly, most of you have already formulated your own idea's concerning "Costume Imp." (It IS very descriptive, isn't it!) Hang with me, and you just might learn something...

imp ( mp) n.
A mischievous child.
A small demon.
Obsolete. A graft.

v. imped, imp·ing, imps
To graft (new feathers) onto the wing of a trained falcon or hawk to repair damage or increase flying capacity.
To furnish with wings.

So put that together with what I do for a living and there you have it. (Admittedly I HAVE been known to act as a mischievous child AND a small demon...).

That's it for the first posting. Thanks for checking in!

With Love and Light