Sunday, April 29, 2007


It's been almost a month since I've written. I've been too busy. I've been working Doubles, if not triples, for the last 4 weeks. This is what happens when Imp gets a twitchy feeling, and finds himself working on 3 different broadway shows at a time. (If there is one thing I can still do, it's multi-task...)

Anyhow, it's taken all of my time and effort just to keep up with my schedule. But it's all paid off, literally and figuratively.

I have reached the next level of my plan to change my job up a bit. I'm officially on a 3 month hiatus from running the show, starting tomorrow. I am switching back to days. Less Hours, better control of my schedule and as far as swinging goes, I get to decided when and where I wish to do so. And I'm only working 5 days a week instead of 6. This is as close to 'normal' of a schedule as I get. I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm going to be home evenings again. I'm very Much looking forward to that, as are the girrls.

There has been an awful lot going on here, but no time to sit down and write about it. Things should get much easier next week, once I'm through the transition. I'll still be working on 3 different broadway shows, but I'm now focusing on stitching and nice laundry calls to earn my bread. No more actors for a while!!!

Spring is finally upon us here in the big apple. My fan has been in the window for 4 days now. YAH!!!

Love and Light to you all. I'll trying and get off a decent catchup post soon!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I know it's been a long time. I haven't been spending much time in front of the computer lately.

I was ill the last week with flu and various other things and working my ever loving butt off. It's paying off though, the Italian Fund has gone through several different residences in the last 2 months, and it's about to land in it's third and final destination (account) where it will sit and grow until this fall!! It's grown already in the last month. The new day job is hard, but I'm seeing results in the accounts and THAT makes me smile...

It's COLD here darn it!!

I'm due to make the quarterly book report posting. I'm afraid it's not very exciting yet, I've only read 16 books so far this year. Now that's a little behind in Title count from last year, but you need to realize I have been reading Huge ass novels so far this year. You want proof? Ok!! I've read just about 10,000 pages... And as soon as the box from Amazon arrives, I'm going to have some DELICIOUS treats to enjoy. Chaz Brenchley's new book River of the World
was released this week. The long awaited follow up to Bridge of Dreams (which you will recall was one of my top books of 2006) has been long waited here... SO hop over to amazon and treat yourself to them, because I assure you, you will enjoy them!!!

Still have the weekend to work through here. I'm really looking forward to Monday this week. Papa needs a day to himself in a big bad way. I've already promised the kittens that daddy is staying home on Monday. Our show achieved new levels of idioticness yesterday. We haven't had a night like that in a LONG time. I'll tell you more about it later, if I can filter it enough to post it publicly. I don't have the strength to try at the moment!~

Love and Miss you ALL. Shoot me an email!!
Love and Light!