Friday, September 28, 2007

It's ON

Tonight at 10!!! Samatha Carter joins the Atlantians, Dr Weir is going to be captured by Replicators (despite what other people think, I adore Weir). She Was my favorite character!

When last we saw the Atlantis team, the city had dropped out of hyperspace unexpectedly and decompression in deep space appeared imminent. With no means of power in which to save themselves, how will the team save the city or themselves?!

News at 11!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Me Myself & I

Darren Hayes has released his latest video, Me Myself & I. It is a FUN romp! It's so nice to see my favorite rockstar having a blast doing his job.

I may be one of the few fans that is old enough to remember the Memorex ad campaign that his set is based upon... Hilarious!!!

On that note: Darren congratulations!!! Congratulations on freeing yourself from the MAN at big labels. Congratulations on producing an amazing double album on your own Label. Congratulations on making your own way and producing amazing products for us. I wish you the best of continuing success in your career (and marriage).

You better WORK!!!

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's officially Fall, and it's to be in the high 80's today! What is up with that? Global Warming perhaps? Or just a nice extended Indian Summer?

SO much is going on ta home at the moment. I am less than 6 days away from my pilgrimage to London and am in a full flurry of preparations. My concert tickets finally arrived last week, as did my travel companions passport. We now have all the required documents to make the trip! This week we have been trying to hash out an acceptable itinerary for the two of us. My buddy is taking a side trip to visit friends in Brighton, whilst I stay and immerse myself in all that is London. Plus I have a friend from Italy who is also flying into London for the concert, so we are attempting to find time for lunches and adventures and shopping!

Speaking of shopping: Imp has done a whole lot of shopping in the last week. You know the feeling... You pull open dresser drawers, only to be disgusted with what you find; so you travel to the closet, only to discover you don't want to wear anything that's hanging up either. I went through the quicken report and the last time I bought any clothes (and it was ONE shirt) was in Sarasota last February. So Imp pranced right out and started laying in a few new articles of clothing. I now have new things to wear, and it's amazing the change in outlook... It's not a change of style, but it's nice to have something new to go with the drastic haircut that happened to me last Friday.

When I say shopping, I should also note that said shopping occurred outside of my 15 block safety radius from the apartment. Alas, I also need to send out a RIP to Dome Boutique, which has closed it's doors here in NYC, sometime in the last 4 years. Yes folks, I was down in the village shopping. Why? When one has a mohawk, one needs different clothes; so one should head to the edgier side of the tracks. (Which by the way, most of the private designer shops are now GONE, but one can shop at Gap, Old Navy, H&M, American Apparel) to your hearts content. SIGH... what are they doing to my city? We become more Disneyfied by the day... You know what I mean.

The search for a specific hoody (hooded sweatshirt) left me in a bind. I couldn't find one of the two that I was looking for. Heaven help me when I head out KNOWING what I want. I couldn't find it, anywhere. Not the Specific color/style that I wanted. (And PEOPLE, who is paying $70 for a basic hooded sweatshirt?) NOT I! Not even $50!! Anyhow, I found myself in Armani, trying on the cutest (and most frivolous) white knit sweater/jacket. It called to me, demanding to be unzipped and tried on. So I amused it, and myself by doing so; knowing full well that I don't wear White in any form in this filthy city. You KNOW I had to buy it. A huge Thank You goes out to Mom for the great Christmas Present!! It was on sale, and I just looked too good in it to leave it behind for someone else to enjoy. Hopefully I'll be able to wear it more than once before I spill something on it! ;-)

Irony: I purchase long sleeve shirts and a white sweater and it's in the mid-80's.

Even More Ironic: The concert tickets arrived in the post along with the Lease renewal for the apartment.

Readers Alert: Mindy Klasky's new book, Sorcery and the Single Girl is now available. (Mine arrived from Amazon yesterday). This is the second book in her series, the follow up to Girl's Guide to Witchcraft. I highly recommend these books to you people. She's a gifted and hilarious writer. Neko is one of my favorite characters, and strangely reminds me of someone... hehehe

Also, a Thank You goes out (again) to Devon over at Ink in my Coffee. She loaned me 2 books by author Yasmine Galenorn (Witchling, and Changeling) which are very good reads. Continuing stories of 3 sisters, half Fae-half human, from Otherworld who manage to save the world despite oddities of being half breeds.

I have more to share, but I should post this before my internet connection fails (again). They are doing work on the street/intersection, and my internet has been intermittent at best the last few days. I have an appointment with the service tech on Friday to solve this issue. Don't worry D, things should be running PROPERLY while you are here next week. If not, you have my full permission to unleash Roo...

Must hop into the shower and prepare myself (and my hair) for a two show day.

Love and Light to you all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I shall accept that (the show) is going to do it's best to kill me before this trip, but it shall not win. I march forever forward, towards my angel of music, and in this I SHALL NOT BE DENIED!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


It has just come to my attention that famed author Robert Jordan passed away on September 16th, 2007. Jordan is best known for his sprawling epic series entitled The Wheel of Time.

Which he unfortunately has left uncompleted...

Just a reminder to all of us: Finish what you start; you never know when your time will come.


Love and Light!

Friday, September 14, 2007


That's Personal Day. I'm free from Oz for the evening. So YAH! Extra day off this week.

A letter Must be drafted to Sprint. I adore my service, I rarely have problems with it. But heaven forbid when you do, and require Customer Service. They Suck. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with CS this week (after I finally got a real person). I waited on hold for 20 minutes last week before I gave up. Anyhow, I went to the Sprint Store today, and in less than 3 minutes I had the answer to my question, "Will this phone work in London?" No! The only Sprint phone that works in London retails at $600. BAH!!! (insert Cartman voice here) Suck My Balls.

Now before you get all righteous and tell me I am on holiday and don't need the phone... I know this. What you may not realize is that I'm actually meeting people from Italy in London, and I feel it reasonable that I have some means of communication in order to facilitate that. But not for 600 freaking dollars. Moving forward: I have discovered a company in my travel magazines that will provide me inexpensive service in London, and not a rental either. So it's all good.

Moving forward:

I was back at the British tourism office today to pick up my travelpass for the Tube today. I don't think I can truely communicate just how A Twitter it makes to me to hear that lilting accent. Then to be in a room full of people talking like that. I'm wondering what it's going to be like when I'm completely surrounded by thousands of people with that accent. I have always been a sponge when it comes to accents. Put me in a room with a group of southerners, and my southern accent immediately comes to the forefront. (of course, making me angry does the same thing). But I Have a feeling I'm going to return from London and be speaking like Madonna for the next several weeks! ;-)

Is Darren going to receive A Nobel Peace Prize for this Concert Tour? There are people flying into London from across the world. I know, as I'm currently attempting to schedule meetings and lunches with people from Italy, Finland, and Greece. Costume Imp, soon to be an international Imp of Mystery... hehehe

For the rest of the day I'm going to be having lunch with a friend of mine, before we hook up with a larger group of peeps to dance our little gay asses off in Central Park this evening. Underworld is doing a concert. I'm pumped, it's ON. It's going to be fun to see those friends of mine that I don't get to party it up with when I'm working. Finally a group event with my 9-5'ers that I rarely get to see!

I must split. I must find something acceptable to wear this evening!

Happy Friday to you all.

Love and Light!