Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

A very happy birthday to the greatest singer in the world!! And heartfelt wishes for many, many more.

Love and Light!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

Hello again. I haven't been posting for a while due to the schedule at home and some 'other' various projects that have been demanding my attention. What a busy month it's been!!

The painting continues here at the apartment and it's going well. I've even managed to get a third of the bedroom painted without having to move all the furniture around. Unfortunately I am now at the point where I'm going to have to move it before I can complete the project. Painting in the living room has been completed. The touch ups are done as is the 'blue' wall. I only have one wall left to paint, and it's going to be staying white for a while. I also have staining to do, but that must wait until the weather improves. I can't stain wood inside without the windows being open, and it's still a little chilly for that yet.

It's officially spring (and has been for some time). The signs of it are all around our fair city. The most notable would be the mariachi band that has once again taken up residence under my bedroom window. They must have been practicing over the winter months, as I think they are playing better then they were last fall. Or it could just be that they were still relatively sober.
It's time for me to get out and buy a new set of speakers for the computer. I find that if I play Celine or showtunes loud enough, they leave. Of course then I have explain to my neighbors what all the noise is about. My own special 'band' was serenading me this morning at 5:30 a.m..

In between all of the various coats of paint, I've also been spring cleaning. The yearly purge started about 3 weeks ago. I've been through everything but the bedroom now. (alas, most of the stuff is IN the bedroom). So I have a little more room around the homestead at the moment. Once I'm done painting, I should have even more room; although at this point it's hard to envision more space. Things are still all over the apartment. I should have things wrapped up in a couple of weeks. It's almost time to take down the winter drapes and store them, and shift out the heavy winter wardrobe for the summer clothes (if I have any left). I see clothes shopping in my near future. (I can't go to Sin City looking a wreck, I mean, come on, I'm going to have to have a brand new outfit for Celine!!)

On the broadway front, our dear show had it's 1000th performance last week. RUN baby RUN, Daddy needs the money!!!

This is kind of an uninteresting post, but I simply haven't had much to say lately. I'm still alive and kicking. No news is good news.

Happy Spring to you all.
Love and Light

Monday, March 13, 2006


This Monday, we rest. Yes, the royal we. We Rest. Period. I've managed to get all of the 'other' life things done this week. Oh, I still have a list of things to do a mile long, but today I'm going to rest and relax.

It was an amazingly wicked week at work. My fellow dressers and I haven't had a week like last week in a long time. It was exhausting on both a mental and physical level. I even picked up an extra call last week which resulted in the 'weekend' feeling like even more of a bloody marathon than usual. By Sunday, I had crossed the line between 'tired and exhausted' to 'just plain stupid.' I was ever so grateful that I didn't have plans on Sunday night. I arrived home on Sunday night about 630 and the next thing I know it was 10:30. I had a nice 4 hour nap. VERY delightful, and much needed as I wasn't tripping over my own two feet after my nap.

I ordered a pizza and 30 minutes later the buzzer woke me back up. I restarted a movie (Pitch Black, if you care) and devoured a few slices of pizza and had enough sense to put the rest of it in the fridge, before I fell back asleep. The next thing I know, it's now 9 am. Monday, Day off!!!

I have been ignoring the 'lets get the painting done' voices. It seems D. over at Ink in my Coffee has been hearing them too. I'm going to continue to ignore these voices this week as I'm not quite ready to rip my house apart yet. The next set of painting that I want to do is the bedroom, but it will require me to basically empty the room before I start. A good thing, as I need to make another pass under the bed, and do some more purging. I simply do not have the ambition to do that and to paint, nor to spend my only day off this week doing a purge and slinging paint all over the apartment. Much less having to live next week with the bedroom in the livingroom. It's going to take about 2 or 3 days worth of work to completely finish it, at least that is my current projection. I have no desire to be crawling over the stuff I'll have to move in order to paint. Maybe next week; or as Scarlett would say, "I'll think about that tomorrow!"

We are getting a taste of spring here in the big apple. It hit a whopping 74 degrees here last week, and we are expecting mid to upper 60's today. It sounds like a good day for leisurely stroll around some part of this island I call home. I haven't been to Central Park in eons, but I'm feeling the call of Union Square for some reason. Of course there are a few fun SHOE stores in Union Square, which aren't in Central Park. I'm also wondering if the new Trader Joes is open yet. Seems like a great day for a little exploring and wondering around. I would rather be out of the house for a while today, and I'm certainly up early enough to make a day of it if I choose.

I did manage to get the rest of my Vegas plans made (the important ones). I have airline tickets, Celine Dion tickets, and hotel reservations. The rest I can easily play by ear. I'm trying to decide between a morning horseback ride through the desert (and a breakfast over a campfire) or a rafting trip down the Colorado River from Hoover Dam. Oh the choices. I've already decided that this trip to Vegas is going to be less about gambling, and more about doing things. I'm still waiting to see what my sisters think, but with or without them, I'm going to do one of these events.

I'm going to close for now. It's pushing 10 am here, and I want to get cleaned up and tie on some really comfortable tennis shoes and start my Monday Meanderings.

Love and Light,

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Still Kicking

I haven't been posting at all, but I'm still alive and kicking. Work this week has been extremely exhausting. For the first 3 shows of the week, I had 6 different chorus boys out of the show. It's made for a very physical week at work. After Wednesday, things began to improve as slowly people started coming back to work. I will be very glad when I finally arrive at Sunday night this week. Judging by how I'm feeling at the moment, I may simply sleep until Tuesday. hehehe

The phone rang at 930 this morning; my boss asking me to come in and cover a coworker who wasn't coming in. The call started at 9am. I arrived at 11 and managed to get the work done before the show started. And like usual, I'm in at 10am tomorrow. Come on MONDAY. Papa needs a day off!!!

It's been a beautiful couple of days. It was 74 degrees on Friday here. I ran several errands that afternoon, and completely enjoyed the sunshine and warm air. The kittens were very pleased and spent most of the day on the windowsills, eyeing the outside with keen interest.

I have absolutely nothing new to report, just wanted to check in with you all.

A Very Happy Birthday to Devone over at Ink in My Coffee. The girls send their wishes and love as well.

Love and Light!!