Monday, June 30, 2008

I made it!!!

Ballet season is wrapped!!! I'm officially unemployed!! Blissful I tell you. I got up at 6am, puttered around until 7:30, filed my unemployment claim, did laundry, and packed a suitcase.

Not bad, eh?!

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm in the running for a totally awesome gig, and I need all the good thoughts I can get! A dream job of mine!!! More to follow after I book it!!

Pasta Salad is made. Peach cobbler is in the oven.

Done with as many chores as I care to do today.

I'm about ready to leave on Wednesday. I mean, after the hobby store, Dr, and pub crawl, that is. (Which is why I am almost packed already).

It's a beautiful day and Im going to go sit on my front porch with a book and some homemade lemonade.

Love and Light!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just 3 more programs/performances and I will have wrapped the spring season at the Ballet. 54 ballets in 9 weeks. Whew!!

I should be concerned about getting packed for my travels that commence next week; I am concerned, I just haven't done anything about it. Laundry must be done first, before any packing really takes place. It's been excessively hot in CA from what I'm told, and of course, I'm also traveling to the desert, so I need to have cool coverage.

I really need to just go shopping, but I'm holding off on that one until I get the Job completed.

It will come as no surprise that I'm Tired. I'm looking forward to this holiday and being away from the city for a while.

Several other things are complicating my life right now; most of it mental and it's been a trial trying to keep it together. I detest feeling fragile and yet at the same time wish there was someone who could shelter me from (basically) myself. (Disgusting as that statement is, tis true).

I'm strong enough to live through it and I shall.

Happy Pride to all you Mo's out there. Once Again I continue working throught pride weekend; but I want you all to know I'm celebrating in spirit with you.

I have a pub crawl scheduled with one of my great friends next Tuesday... The day before I leave on Holiday. Has been a long time since we've had one of those, and I'm looking forward to it!!!

Love, Light, and Happy July to you all!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank You

To the attractive mo' in the blue Armani Exchange shirt:

Thank for holding that door for me mate. Even if I did practically closeline myself on your forearm on my way through.

Nice to have a handsome one hold the subway doors for me... It cut 20 minutes off my commute home tonight, and for that alone I would have bought you that drink...

I owe ya one...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How do you spell Relief?


I wandered outside during the ballet last night. Imagine my surprise when I exited the theatre to find a stiff cold wind blowing, lightening flashing every 5 seconds, and the occasional roll of thunder and drop of rain striking my face. It was blissful. The temperature had to have dropped 20 degree's.

Being from Michigan, my thoughts immediately turned to "this is perfect tornado weather." Luckily we didn't experience any of those. After being so hot for so many days, it was nice to stroll to the subway after work. While the platform was still roasting underground, it was absolutely lovely walking there.

The garden is heaving a sigh of relief. Too many days with high temperatures. I checked it this morning and everyone is happy and healthy, if still a tad wilted from the excessive heat.

Not much new to report this morning. It's now midweek (not quite humpday for me yet) and things are progressing smoothly. I'm just really happy that it's a bit cooler. All that heat was making (even) me a bit more testy than usual. I'm sure my coworkers will appreciate the cooler Imp, cause I sure wasn't having much of it yesterday. (And we had the kids from the ballet school in doing performances yesterday and today and sunday). Those of you who know me, know that I am not a huge fan of children. Not to mention most of those boys are just hitting puberty and someone hasn't taken them aside yet and mentioned personal hygiene. Soap! Use it! Deodorant! Use it. And change your socks once a day!! I had close to 20 kids changing in a very small room yesterday and I had a flashback to jr high gym locker room. That SMELL... I thought I was going to faint.

It made me realize how lucky I am with my regular dancers. They may be sweaty, but they don't really stink.

Going to do it again today.

Typhoid Mary is back in the building; ie my coworker who gave me that nasty cold a few months ago. He started hacking and coughing again. I made a very firm statement *(again) about the importance of NOT touching My Things. (See aforementioned statement about the heat and my testy-ness). If you are going to blow your nose, do not pick up and examine my cell phone, scissors, markers, chalk, anything. Wash your hands and keep them limited to YOUR tools. I can imagine the look on his face when I invoice him for time worked cause he coughed all over me.

Patience, I'm still working on it. Stupidity: Not having it, EVER.

Time to rally for work. I finally got my hairs cut, (almost all of them) and the color has been refreshed. The blue 'hawk is loud and proud. Amazing what a difference a cut and color can make.

Love and light to you all!!!

Push the fluids and keep to the shade!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

How you feelin'? Hot Hot HOT

They say it's going to be close to 97 degrees today. I believe it enough that I went downstairs and gave the front flower bed a good drink to help sustain it through the heat of the late morning (the only time it receives direct sunlight. I'm very happy with the white, purple, and coral/salmon impatiens there, they are all blooming their little heads off, and have started to spread and fill out the bed quite nicely.

Unfortunately the roses did their big bang and and are now just green... but it was great having full blown color in the bed before any of the neighbors... hehehe Yes, I'm like that.

I've even been getting to know the neighbors a little bit. The older (not quite elderly) lady /matron next door has been offering 'friendly advice' on my garden... I take it in stride, cause I am NOT trying to alienate the neighborhood, but I give it right back when I know she's misguided. Just cause sport a blue mohawk and look like I'm a kid, does not mean I do not know what I'm doing. I've been growing things for longer than I've been doing theatre and I'll thank you to NOT take it upon yourself to 'assist' in watering my flower pots and beds... Papa is going to be unemployed soon, and is going to need this Project to help pass his time!!

My major battle lately is with myself. There are 3 shrubs (small very small and skanky) in my front bed. I want them gone, but I also know I'd probobly give the landlady's mother a stroke if I remove them. She isn't here, and Should she return to us, I don't want to hear it. I know they are precious to her or they wouldn't be there... so precious I haven't even considered asking the landlady if I could remove them. So I deal and try to turn a blind eye to them... hehehe

The tomatoes are taking over the front porch. I even have little greens ones and so far the squirrels are leaving them alone... Merely lulling me into a false sense of security I know, the matron next door has warned me repeatedly about them... and I am well aware. Those little buggers like to completely unearth the snapdragons and paw through my pots in search of treats.

The work life in the world o dance is going well. I actually had some real work to do this week (Work that wasn't just sewing in labels). I was actually altering costumes. Yah!! Yesterday was a very busy day with no less than 6 dress rehearsals. A big money day and it was busy but not crazy.

Caught up on the gossip from the old broadway show... Let me just state again how happy I am to be out of there. This summer is going to be positively insane with changeovers and replacements and that is just the flagship. Most of the national companies are closing/relocating this year as well. Glad they are doing so well; glad I am no longer intimately involved...

The roommate FINALLY gave notice on her show and is supervising an upcoming limited run starting next week. I have high hopes of attitude adjustments and her finding a different outlook on life. She's been miserable at the old job, and I hope this new one leads her to better and happier pastures.

Of course, this has completely whacked my summer plans a bit. I was thinking I was going to have the house to myself for a majority of the summer, and I still will... but it appears we are both going to be unemployed later in the summer and I know that is going to cause Her angst about money... Perhaps even me too a little, I am comfortable here (who would have believed it) and I enjoy having a place Outside the city...

Thanks D for all the recommended reading lists you've been sending me. I've hit a lull in the new releases that I'm waiting for and it's great having someone who knows what interests me and doesn't give me something to read that I consider to be crap!

Had quite a bit of time to ponder things lately, and for some reason I keep reliving certain dates that I've been on... Don't panic, it's the great dates I've been dwelling on... in fact this was supposed to be a post about them. Alas at this point I don't really have time to go into detail so I'll save that for the day off blog. For someone who doesn't hardly date, i've sure had some hum-dingers and I guess that makes a simple dinner boring in some aspects, specially since my great dates have been electric and off the hook.

I miss myself sometimes... I miss the ignorance and energy of youth. I don't really miss the innocence, but I do find myself longing at times for the simpler life. And for someone to share my precious time with. I can't help it that I'm a hopeless romantic with a vicious reality streak. Someday perhaps I'm going to find someone who fits and who understands and who stays in my life. Or not; I'm not ever settling for someone who isn't right again, for someone who takes advantage and acts like nothing is wrong. I've learned some very hard and very painful lessons. I'm not perfect either (far from it) but I would rather be single and lonely than miserable and coupled.

Maudlin? Not really, just deeply reflective. Having a bit of time during the day to think, and to watch other people interact has opened a new pathway of thought. I've begun viewing life differently in the past few months. Everything has been changing for me... new house, new job, new outlook on life. I don't know if I'm any happier, but I'm a lot less stressed. I still don't really Want to go to work, but I no longer Dread going...

The more I ponder it, the more I think I need something else. I'm searching it out. I'm switching things up in my life. Everything has been a very positive improvement and yet I'm still not satisfied. (Not that I think I ever will be, I'm simply not That Kind of Personality). I sure am looking forward to this summer of doing things for me and spending time with some friends again, instead of slinging dirty dance belts around this city....

The time has come to get it together for work. It's a no cue day at the ballet today, so I'm taking in my script for Pirates. It's time to really begin the process for the upcoming fall show...

Happy June to you all. Much Love and Light!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Commencing Week Six

Thus begins week six of the spring season. We are more than half way through the Spring Season, and have a mere 3 weeks left of performances. There are still a couple of BIG ones coming down the pike at us, in addition to a few TBA's for Dancers choice. I believe we open another really large and labor intensive ballet this weekend. All continues to flow smoothly though, and the issues that are being had are no direct result of anything I have (or have not) done.

It is a whole lot different for me, I've pulled back since I left the green machine. Not getting deeply involved, not getting vested in it. It really is a 'job' and not so much my life... I like it; it is going to stay that way.

After stating that: It was a very BUSY day off(?) yesterday. I had a 12 hour day yesterday, non-stop, of personal things that needed to be accomplished. It started with Laundry in the morning when I woke up, and ended with a few dozen oatmeal/raisin cookies coming out of the oven. In between there was a trip to Target (for litter and cat food), Home Depot for tomato cages (a dismal failure, but came home with dowels and staked those plants anyhow), a trip to the market (just a little one) for items for dinner.

On a summery note: The roommate and I made homemade lemonade yesterday. We had a bunch of lemons and I thought lemonade would be the perfect thing for mid afternoon. It was plenty warm yesterday and I was right. It just hit the spot!!

While the drink was refreshing, it did little to elevate the "I'm working 12 hours on my day off" attitude. hehehe This is why I don't want to do shows any more. I Want more than 36 hours off in a week. I want a real weekend, or at least 2 days where I am not required to be anywhere for employment purposes. Cramming all my errands into one day is more than Fine, provided I get the chance to then sit down and enjoy myself a little in my house before I head back into the city for the man...

I haven't put the air conditioners in the windows yet, but yesterday was a very near thing. Being in the kitchen with the oven on, made it clear this task is on the To Do Soon list.

One of my neighbors (an Old Indian lady) warded herself against the evil eye yesterday when I walked past her front stoop and issued "Good afternoon" to her. I was so shocked that all I could do was laugh. I even had my ball cap on, so it wasn't like the blue hair scared her. I wonder what she was sensing that made her think that I was the latest walking evil incarnate.... I'm not saying she was wrong, I just wonder What it was....

I have more that I could go on about, but the time has come to prepare myself to head into the city. No dress rehearsals today, but a full day of them tomorrow. Today should be relatively easy.

Happy and Healthy June to you all, where ever you are. 26 days left of employment!!! :-)

Love and Light!