Monday, September 29, 2008

We're gonna do it

On your mark
Get Set
And go now...

Got a dream and we just know now
We're gonna make our dreams come true...

That's the Milwaukee way, right? Isn't that sitcom set in Milwaukee?

Cuz that's where we are cousins, that's where we are.

The tour finally crossed a time zone, odd after all these weeks. I feel like I should be at work already. I actually am, even though I am still in my hotel. Yes, we have a show today, but I've been up (gasp) for an hour already. Got myself repacked and I have to say I'm excited about today.

It's going to be the longest day on my tour yet. We will be doing laundry tonight during loadout. We must repack the cases after the show tonight so that the dry cleaning can be done by someone in Montreal. I Know we must be out of the building by 5am. Yes, I'm looking at a 21+hour day. Luckily, I will be completely off tomorrow and have nothing to do but sleep and get myself ready to leave for home on Wednesday. Let's hope I keep my mind today, specially in the last 4 hours of the night (morning) when I am going to need it most.

Lots of things to do today and I've managed to be up at reasonable hour (east coast time) which has given me time this morning for coffee in my room, and now I have to hustle into the shower and pull myself together.

Swag. We got new swag. I'll be posting a pic of it soon. It's leather and it's embroidered. It's cool... It was presented to all of us by HerSelf in Person.

Favorite moment of the last show:
Imp, "Have a great show, Maa-Maa"
HerSelf, "You too, bay-bay!"

What a sense of humor.

All of us are ready for a break. I'm ready to get home and actually discover if I am capable of sleeping for more than 3 hours without interruption.

I'm feeling a bit better but still not even close to 100%. The cold lingers but it is no longer so raspy and deepfelt as before. I'm glad I'm about to have some time to rest and to really take care of myself.

Ok, I'm rambling, the coffee is kicking in. Time to make the donuts.

Love and Light!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Limping to the end (of this leg)

It hasn't been easy!! Either physically nor emotionally. Perhaps it is because we can all see the light at then end of the tunnel but we aren't quite there yet.

Columbus. Hmmm, what can I say? It was southern Ohio, the crew was nice but completely lacking in skills. I believe we even had a hairdresser on our crew; all were more concerned with the show than with working. At one point, hippie-chick was dancing in front of the under-deck monitor with her back to all the changes that were taking place. I spent my one break hanging (or rehanging) clothes on the other side of the stage. Perhaps they were color blind or just illiterate. Again I state, nice people, but theatrically talentless. Two of my four had never done a show before, and so we did the intelligent thing and split them up, one on each side of the stage. One would think that would have been best, no? No.

All things considered, I did manage to get quite a bit of my own work done, mainly because I wasn't being interrupted every 5 minutes for job assignments. I finally got some securing of the flapper dresses done, even if I was having to listen to grandma tell me how to make my tour better. Again, their hearts were in the right place, but it was almost like being in the south. Everything was just moving so much slower.

We rolled into Cleveland this morning at 4am. I inadvertently left my mobile on the bus, so while I had planned to make several important phone calls today, I am now not capable. DRAT!!! One involved finalizing plans to see my darlin' sister on Thursday. We will still be getting together but now I am going to have to wait till i get my phone back before I can actually talk to anyone.

We are staying at one of my (in the past) favorite Cleveland hotels. Although this time around I'm having a bit of an issue with them. The AC is up so high, and I'm in my second room and can't control it or even turn it down. I've complained repeatedly, and believe me, the manager is getting sick of hearing from me. I even went so far as to go downstairs to meet with him, and hack and cough as much as I could around him, in the attempts to enforce my message that my delicate constitution is NOT handling a 60 degree humidless room temperature well. While I seem to have been holding this cold off for the last few days, last night I appear to have lost the battle. It's full blown nastiness now, and I even feel crappy. I've shut OFF the AC and still it is dry and cold (not cool, COLD) in my room. For those of you who have been there, there is nothing worse than being sick and being on the road. I'm giving it one more day and if things don't calm down it will be time to find an urgent care center and see a (gasp) doctor.

Trying to adjust to a new dynamic of touring life. We had a few new people join our bus roster. We have gone from 8 to 10, which seriously reorganized our bus life. One of the additions is also one of the last people to get out of the venue, so we are now waiting for his arrival post loadout before we roll. He's done a full 2 hours after everyone else. And he's returned to our bus with a bad attitude which doesn't help matters when we could be half way to our next stop before he finally gets on the bus and we roll. Not complaining, just saying the dynamic has shifted and we are all trying to make the best of this new situation.

Had a great bonding moment with a few of the tour people last night while we were waiting to get rolling out of Columbus. We've become friendly, but last night we kind of bonded and got to know each other in a deeper way than just being cordial. Very interesting guys, and the highlight of the conversation was when one of them asked me if I was gay. LMAO. My response was, "I don't remember, it's been so long..." which brought down the house, and even made me giggle; thus blowing my straight cover(?).

I did have an epiphany last night as I was standing in the parking lot, watching the rest of the loadout happen. This really is a Big tour, and this really is the largest gig of my career to date. Ok, so I already knew this, but somehow it really struck home last night. Perhaps it was the robitussin, or perhaps it was just the timing of it all. I'm doing my best to accept the blessings and live in the moment...

Speaking of living in the moment. It was (as previously stated) a rather difficult day yesterday. Of course, HerSelf rose to the occasion. No matter how difficult the day is, once the show starts and I hear that Voice, it's all ok. My tiredness melts away and for the next 90+ minutes all is right with the world. I've now completed 23+(?) shows on this leg and they just get better and better. Last night, at the top of the show I got a great show wish from HerSelf (in reply to mine to Her). I got a great evening wish at the conclusion of the show too, but the real Gem of the entire day (and the thing that made everything that day A-ok) was the 2nd acknowledgment from stage to floor that I got during the opening number. I don't know if she is now actively looking for me, but she is definitely seeing me when I step out from under the deck. I can't help it that I wink when I catch her looking at me during the show. Last night she (again) winked back and then rolled into the bridge... no money note last night, but isn't it amazing that a simple wink can make someone's day. It sure made mine. Several of my friends have said it to me, and I'll repeat it to you. "Classy. This woman is very classy."

Just goes to show you that ALL diva's are not stuck up bitches.

Ok, I'm off for a nap in the hopes of resting and healing. Sorry to all of you to whom I promised phonecalls today. I'm not capable. Thursday I'll play catch up. I still have 4 shows and 2 border crossings to go before I get to head back home for a short break and rest before we head West and see how they roll....

Love and Light to you all.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can you believe?

I have played two casino's on this tour so far, and have yet to see a slot machine, roulette table, or blackjack table. We have been so busy I didn't even have time to wander through the casino. Just behind it.

Currently in Columbus, seeing how they roll in Southern Ohio. The answer is, they don't on Sunday. Staying at a hotel in the financial district, and even the starbucks isn't open on Sunday. The river is pretty though, just so long as I don't have to smell it...

Well, Atlantic City was a hoot. Great crew for us, and a great show. Still putting new clothes into the pageant, but it's basically all good.

We are at the point on this portion of the Leg where everyone is counting the days we have left until our break. I too am looking forward to having more than 24 hours off, being home, and really relaxing and hopefully getting more life things taken care of.

Love and Light to you all. Just wanted to let you all know I am alive. And Coughing.

Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Road Again

Morning friends! It's been a very busy and amusing 12 days in the nyc area. Did a couple of shows, had a couple of dinners; it was great to see you all.

It's been hard being 'home' and working the schedule. Two completely different mind-sets, and it will be nice to be back on the road again. I loved sleeping in my own bed, but the mental side of being home and still working has taken it's toll. It will be much easier to be back to 'get on the bus, get off the bus' and not be thinking about the extra train trips in order to get home and when I have to be back. I guess it will be good to be self contained once again.

A short trip before our October hiatus, although I have a lot of shows to do in the next 11 days.

I had a good time being back and working with (most of) my home local. There are a few weiners, erhm, winners in every group, but I meet some incredible people, and worked with several people that I haven't worked with in a very long time. There are also a few people who had better never ask me for work again. Nuff said.

I'm coming down with the nasty cold that's been going around and I'm not real happy about it. More fluids, more rest(?), and more miles to go before I sleep.

Odd that I was 'home' and did less posting that when on the road, but I was also very busy trying to catch up on the homefront, and take care of business. I'll be back in October, just in time to start it all over again. I'm very much looking forward to being back home and having more than 24 hours off and being able to really, really relax.

Love and Light to you all. I'm back out on the road and will try and keep you posted a little more regularly. I'll TRY, but we have a couple of back to back shows with a few hundred miles inbetween and that doesn't always allow for easy blogging; specially since I can't do it on the bus with my co-workers looking over my shoulders.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


It Happened. It Finally Happened. It happened in Newark. There were odd sounds coming from the hall, not quite distressful but Loud and consistent. Enough to make several security guards and several wardrobe people run to the hall to see what/if anything was wrong.

Nothing was wrong. It was HerSelf, warming up in the hallway. Everything was fine, I made eye contact, Her eyebrows raised, I smiled and went turned back to rummaging through a roadbox. Then my boss appeared around the corner, also coming to see what the ruckus was about. I saw the gleam in her eye and she mouthed,"Now! Brace Yourself!"

HerSelf stopped vocalizing and my boss introduced me. HerSelf Laughed and commented on how fast I came into the hall to see what was going on. I laughed and said it was the call of the Siren and I could not resist (damn, I am good). I don't think She quite understood it, but she commented on my hair (see, all you people can just suck it) and mentioned that perhaps my hair was like a satellite beaming in on the signal (perhaps I failed to understand then, but you know me, I smiled). She reached out and touched my hair (and I LET her) She shook my hand, and thanked me for all of my hard work and then gave me a hug. Classy!! I think my smile grew even wider, she laughed and I told her to keep singing for me and for all of us. She laughed, continued vocalizing, and then ever so slightly lifted the hem of her bathrobe, which made me fall out laughing. What a great Lady and a great sense of humor. I think I will stay...

She remains on the pedestal I put her on years ago. Can I offer any higher compliment than that?

Love and Light!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love Rock-n-Roll

I Love Rock-n-Roll; so put another dime in the jukebox baby, I love Rock-n-Roll...

I don't know about the rest of you, but today time slipped away so much faster than normal. Suddenly it was 3 of the clock and I knew then we weren't going to be done on time for the show, I still had one HerSelf (new, never worn) dress to finish, a band member alternation (which sadly didn't get accomplished nor even started cause, it's not the band that's paying the bills and HerSelf's clothes must come first. Our work is also noted by Her, she notices little things. I'm not saying if this is a good or a bad thing, I'm simply stating that as a performer, she notices things; she is not unaware of the things that are going on around her. So I have been told.

I would have officially Met HerSelf today had she not been previously mobbed in Mid-town. That would be enough for me for one day too.

No, I'm not making much sense, but I'm also trying to keep my promise to keep you updated on my tour escapades, and so you'll have to take the not coherent posts along with the not So coherent posts. hehehe

Newark show. I will say that Jersey was feeling it, and HerSelf was again in fine voice. Great sound in this venue, and a new venue so nice and clean to work in. Although it was very confusing today, I kept turning down a hallway only to discover I had no idea where in the hell I was. It didn't help that they kept opening and closing the garage doors Inside the building. When I can't SEE whats on the other side of that wall that was there on the last trip through, Yah, I get lost. (shut up)

Decent crew, although there were some pretty major screw ups today involving number of crew and responsibilities. We rolled with it (cause that's what we do) and the show went off just fine.

Our newest dancer arrives tomorrow and we'll be starting to put the costumes on her on Friday. Shoes is a completely different story, and I for one am glad that it's not really my thing. I deal more with clothes and very little with shoes. (or should I say, I deal as little as possible with shoes).

We were all (wardrobe) silly today. Laughing our asses off at things, but funny and ridiculous. Perhaps that is where the time warp occurred.; perhaps I laughed hours away this afternoon... Although I will say my hands were moving just as fast as my lips, I can talk and work at the same time.

now, i'm going to really go to bed. I will entertain phonecalls but only after 2pm. I'm going to see if I can actually sleep 6 or 7 hours in my own bed. hehehe i mean it, NO phone calls until after 2.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

There's No Place Like Home...

Being on North America's Largest Rock-n-Roll Tour and being in your own bed @ 7:23am?


Sunday, September 07, 2008


I'm a restless Imp. Even working for HerSelf days on end isn't enough to wear me out sufficiently to sleep. Significantly tired, but I'm just not capable of Sleeping on the bus. I rest, I doze, but I don't sleep. It's starting to catch up with me.

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of days. We have been Busy, Busy, Busy here on tour. This is the Really Busy portion of our itinerary right now. We are almost to NYC (and home for me) though. Looking forward to petting my kittahs and having a sporadic night or two in my own bed this coming week. A luxury unheard of in Rock-n-Roll.



The show went well, although it seems a lifetime ago. Yes, it was only a couple of days but right now, even with coffee in front of me, I don't really remember that much of the performance. It's all coming back to me now: The Philly audiences are sedate (perhaps cause it's not a hockey game?). They just tend to be more reserved. Oh they scream at the end but not the rambunctious crowd of other cities. The thing I remember most about Philly is that I cried. Now, it comes as no surprise to most of you (that attend concerts with me) that certain performers make me weep. Darren Does it, HerSelf Does it; it's my mark of exceptional performance. I don't cry in everyday life, but certain vocalists cause my tear ducts to open up and freely flow. Call it a release of excitement, sometimes I'm touched, I know. I've wept at every HerSelf concert that I've paid to see, and every Darren show as well; it's why I continue to spend money to see them. I enjoy it. I must have been feeling a bit fragile(?) in Philly cause HerSelfs high notes where touching me; Just There: the money notes; the sweet spots. More than one dancer asked if I was ok, thinking my foot was bothering me perhaps, when it was really all in my head. I will admit that I was in mourning. For what I'm not exactly sure, and certainly won't discuss here now. Let's just say that I saw myself in the front row in Philly. There was this young Mo in the front row, dressed to kill in his tight blue shirt, white jeans, fabulous black boots, with his hair DONE, and his favorite accessory (fag hag) sitting next to him. He was INto the show, singing along, couldn't sit still, (had obviously been watching too many dvd's of HerSelf, cause he had her moves DOWN, and was hitting them before She did onstage). Let's just say he was LIVING for the show. Something about it touched me, just there, and then she hit her money note on the second song, the power of love became the power to make Imp weep, and I just lost my shit. The bodyguards asked if I was ok, the carpenter asked if I was ok, the dancers asked if I was ok. 'Yes, dammit, I'm fine, don't touch me!' (oh I am so my mothers child) Just no way to explain then (or now) what happened. It was just an emotional release, and it wasn't the last of the evening either. Everytime I stepped out from under the deck during the show, I couldn't help but see this kid having the time of his life and that would pull me out of MY show and into the Voice that was echoing all around me and I would lose it all over again. So much for being de-sensitized...

So that was My Philly show... Loadout and then on to the bus where we immediately departed for the casino in Connecticut. Out in the middle of no-where, although it was beautiful and green before the remnants of the hurricane blew in. Then it was just WET. No day off, no hotel room, 4 hours of sleep and then up and at em for the load in and the second 18+ hour day in a row.

CT was different. It was my first "flat' stage performance with this tour. Meaning: we didn't set up our arena set, we were on a flat stage in a real theatre. The good news is: no stooping under the deck, we had booths to change in where we could all stand up!! It was a beautiful theatre, small by our standards and I (personally) thought beneath our effort, but the audience seemed into the show. Altered set list to make the show casino friendly (shorter) and with less equipment came a very quick loadout. All for the good, since nobody was well rested when we arrived and we had to think outside the box and pay attention with the new setup and configurations. We also started later than usual, by a whole hour, so I actually had a moment to sit down following dinner. I had to find things to do to keep myself awake so I would remain(?) show-ready and not fall asleep! We had another great crew here and even though we had no washers/dryers and had to send everything out, we managed to get the Girl up and running!!

Then back onto the bus and now we are in DC, where we have a day off before we WOW them tomorrow night!! I was thinking it would be fun to revisit the Smithsonian here, but I think I'm going to opt for trying to get some rest today. Again, not Sleeping on the bus isn't healthy, and I do need more than 4 hours of sleep... hehehe See, I can be sensible at times... I haven't been in DC since High School and would love to revisit some of the monuments and museums but I think I'm going to forgo it for a relaxing day in bed. In addition, I'm plotting something for my December break and I need to get off the blog and onto my travel sites and see if I can find something acceptable and affordable. I have a plan, I just need to see if I can make it within a price point that I deem OK... hehehe NO, it's not Europe, don't panic. I believe I will remain in the what is considered the USA. It's going to be somewhere WARM though, I do not enjoy snow....

Happy Monday to you all. I'm going to log now... Love and Light to you all!!!

When next we speak, I'll be back in the nyc area!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Buffalo and on to Philly

Let's just state for the record (for those of you who don't know). Buffalo is a hole. Period. I live in NYC and yes, I call Buffalo a hole. Dirty, repressed, Nasty.

That being said, The Buffalo Local kicks ass. Pure and simple. Our wardrobe crew rocked. Great Ladies, obviously there to work, interested in their work, taking pride in their work. No wondering off, no bad habits. We really wanted to take them with us for the rest of the tour. I stated to my boss at the end of the night, "If only every city could like this one!"

Of course the set up in every venue is a bit different, but the Buffalo show felt backwards. Mainly due to our exits. We have grown used to entering and exiting a certain way and the stage set-up/placement was opposite what we have grown used to. It complicated things at the end of the night, during the load-out, when we found ourselves with no clear path to roll our 5 racks off the floor and back into our wardrobe room. Bad communication between house staff and tour staff, and perhaps even some bad communication between tour staff. All peoples were being funneled out 2 exits and as a result we were trapped center arena for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile the rest of the loadout and tear down was going on around us. It set us back on our loadout, but never fear, Buffalo local came to the rescue, as a matter of fact, even with the delay, we still set a load-out record. Yes, really. See what happens when you have intelligent, professional people working with you!!

It wasn't only the wardrobe department either. The whole show was loaded-out in record time. In fact, we had to wait for the bus drivers to arrive to take us away, we were that early. Many Many thanks to you Buffalo. You ROCK!!!

On the bus and overnight travel to Philly. (Cheesesteak anyone?). It was a day off once we arrived and I had a fantastic day! My dear Friend Devon traveled to Philly today to join me in a day of sightseeing, wandering, museum strolling (limping in my case), and bookstores. We met at what is becoming a favorite Philly pub named Silante for a nibble before we started our escapades. I did have the special, a cheesesteak quesadilla, which was delicious even when consumed too close to a venti latte to get me prepped for the day.

We found ourselves in a cab and on the way to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology where we spent the afternoon checking out Ancient Egypt, Rome, and a bit of Greece. It felt like ancient egypt too, the AC was non existent, and it was Very Warm inside. We had a great time wandering together though, and chattering away. It wasn't the least bit busy (in comparison to our last Philly Museum trip to the Tut Exhibit), we almost had the place to ourselves and it was quiet enough that we could converse and be heard. I had no idea this place even existed, so many kudo's D for learning about this place. (See, ONE of the great things about being friends with D is her ability to research...) It was also great to see a friendly face after so many weeks in Canada and being on the road. It was a little slice of home, while on the road. We always have a great time and today was no different!

Being so WARM after our educational time, it was the perfect time to grab an iced coffee beverage. Mocha Frap anyone? The guy who was shouting out completed orders was most likely a theatre major who had just completed a Voice for Stage Class. At the very least, he could be considered a booming baritone. I say theatre major because he know to 'lift' the end of his sentences; although I do agree with D, he was loud, but his diction was lacking. LOL

We wandered into the Penn State area, bookstores and computer shops. I needed an ethernet cable (do you believe some hotels still don't have wireless internet?) What century am I living in here? Anyhow, I found the required cable and we browsed the sci-fi and romance sections of the bookstore, rather briefly. We had a used bookstore in mind (ok, D did, I was along for the ride) and we found it, "the Last Word" What a great name, right?

Immediately upon entering the store, we interrupted the doorman (kittah). He was sleeping on the ledge right the door and lifted his head and opened the most beautiful green eyes I've seen since my own dear Bast. Mostly black with small white markings on his face and front paws, with white boots on his back legs. D and I instantly ooh'd and aah'd and leaned over the railing to deliver some pettin's. We then headed back and spent a good long time searching through the stacks for treasures. We both came away with a few books, and while we were both sitting on the floor in the back of the store, the kittah came over for some more loving. Oh, was he adorable. Lester was his name and he convinced me to buy another book too. Crazy cat.

After taking our leave of Lester, we paid for our treasures and stopped in at Ben and Jerry's for an afternoon treat. (I can never refuse B&J, unless it's the one in Time Square). We sat for a while and enjoyed our refreshments, and that gave me a chance to prop my ankle up and rest for a while.

Then we continued on to The White Dog for dinner. I'm sure D will have a bit to say about it, so I'm going to leave that to her, but I will say that the service was deplorable. Many things on the already limited menu were not available and it took 47 minutes to receive our order (and a chicken sandwich does not take that long, unless you are plucking the bird). It was at a very historical site, but again, I'll let D go into that, and I'm sure she will... hehehe

After dinner I limped back to the station (catching a great dragon on the way, more on that later though), and departed ways with my tourist buddy. She to catch her bus back to the City, and myself to hop on the septa back to the hotel.

All in all a great day off. Thanks again D, I had such a great time and I'm so glad we got to spend another day in Philly together.

Now, I'm hours past my repacking for the rest of the week, so I MUST log off and organize my life or else I'm going to find myself missing something very important in the next 5 days, and I won't have time to run to the bus to find, say, underwear.

Tomorrow Philly, then Immediately following we are off to Ledyard, CT and the Foxwood Casino, followed by DC, and then peeps, I'll be tearing into NYC. Please take note and do NOT stand between me and the 7 train. I've got a month of house and kittah to catch up on in a manner of mere hours, and then back to the city for friends, a drink (maybe two) and then it's time for the shows in Newark.

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are now a bus. Welcome to Rock-n-Roll"

Love and Light!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back in the States

02 September 2008
Travel day/Day off Montreal to Buffalo
Back in the USA!! Back in New York State even. I’m definitely in a New York state of mind.
It’s really starting to feel like Rock-n-Roll now. We got on the bus(es) after the show last night and headed off to Buffalo. The reality of the tour is starting to hit now; we have the buses, we are now longer playing 6 shows in one venue; the pieces are all starting to fall into place and this next week we are going to get the full dose of what this tour is playing several cities in a row with only travel days (if that) in between.
The final 2008 Montreal show went very well, even with the added complications of the film crew(s) everywhere. Perhaps now we can just get down to regular operations. (You will note I didn’t say ‘normal’). I haven’t seen any of the daily’s, because I don’t have time for that, but the buzz is good from people, and if it’s anything like I’ve seen in the monitors during the show, it’s going to be fantastic. The crowd was alive and HerSelf has been in Fantastic Voice for the last couple of shows. She always delivers, but she’s been in Fantastic Voice, and really turning it on the crowds and for the filming.
Load-out went well, even if I was gimping around. I’m up and about, very limited, but I am moving. Our medic has been seeing me every day and therapy is working. I got rubbed, then lasered and rubbed, which helped tremendously. I just have to be patient and stay off of it as much as possible to expedite the healing process. More ice, doing my exercises and laying low. It is nice that we are in Buffalo, and I have no desire to do or see anything here. I am staying in and resting today.
We are in a crappy hotel (by our standards); at least I’m in a crappy room. Top floor (don’t get excited, it’s the 9th floor) and the absolute end of the hall, over looking the highway. Crappy internet connection because I couldn’t get farther away from the source, and everyone here in online so that leaves me barely connected. Not complaining, but I did hope to download my movies and SGA today while I was hardwired. Little did I think it was going to Take All Day. :-( I have a couple of dvd’s with me that I haven’t watched yet, so I do have some entertainment. There is always the afternoon nap too… and I do love a nap.
Hoping to be walking normally again soon. I don’t like having to rely on others to help move my bags, et. Al. It’s nice that they do, but they all have their own things to take care of and I want to get fully back into the game. My co-workers have been doing my running, in addition to their own work, and I don’t like being the weakest link! Nor do I like having to rely on other people to do my work.
It’s all good though. I understand and they do too (and are nice enough to not complain). I hope to be completely up and moving (not running, Moving) by Philly. I think I’m still going to have to take it easy here in Buffalo.
Thanks sis for the vid info. Yes, plenty of advil, ice, and I do move. No more bloodclots, NO NO NO!!!
In a weird mental state right now. Didn’t sleep well on the bus (new environment), and caffeinated, so tired but not able to actually sleep. It’s nice to have a day off though, the last 3 days were intense and it’s nice to not have anywhere to be until tomorrow morning.
I’m rambling, so I’m going to close and attempt to post this today.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Not superman

Note to Self:

There are days I'm an idiot, especially when I'm moving at a mile a minute. I got a little crazy today during set up and decided to hop over the dasher wall (you know, the thing hockey players crash into around the ice, that little wall that keeps them from flying into the spectators... Well, Imp thought he was a spring chicken again and decided to go over the wall instead of walking to the other end of the arena to exit back into the wardrobe corridor. Again I say, Idiot. All went well at first, I cleared the wall no problem but I didn't score a 10 on my landing. In fact, I bit it, Hard. The kind of hard that makes people stop and stare. The kind of hard that causes your right ankle to roll in directions it shouldn't with your full weight and momentum on top of it. The kind of hard that sends danger signals to your brain, while you feel and hear the POP of your ankle.

I pulled myself up and limped back to wardrobe where my wonderful boss immediately went and got me a bag of ice to apply. I've got a very nasty lump on the outside of my ankle. The therapist (got to love traveling with a medic) thinks I've split one of the muscles in my foot. (Luckily not a tendion, again) I am taped and wrapped all up, and was forced (yes forced) to sit in a chair the rest of the day. Yah, I seriously banged myself up, and it's going to be a week or so before I'm moving normally again (that's the diagnosis).

Counting my blessings; no trip to the ER for xrays, not on crutches, although I do believe it was a close thing. When I started heading towards the floor I went limp and threw my body weight off my ankle. I think I saved myself from something REALLY serious. All because I thought I was superman and could leap the dasher wall in a single bound.

Embarrassed myself good. I have now garnished my tour nickname (at least for the next week). SOYA. (that's Sit on your ass). It was an ORDER. I keep telling you my boss has a great sense of humor. I'm beyond embarrassed and not only that, caused quite a bit of inconvenience to several of my new favorite people. You know I don't sit still well, and to forced to do so...

"Where are you going?"

"Uhm, to the bathroom?"

Tonight, once I got under the deck, I was forbidden to move, but to merely SOYA and supervise. I did do my two quick-changes, but they were watching me like hawks. "What are you doing?"

"Going to sit down!" Yes sir!!! hehehe

So I'm damaged, and moving really slow, but I am still moving. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow morning. This is a bad time to be hurt. The final dvd taping to tomorrow and we have a lot of continuity work to accomplish upon the return of dry cleaning.

Somewhere in all of this day, I just kept thinking that I couldn't have picked a worse time to screw my foot up. Of course, it's the right one; the one I always injure.

NO! I was not chewing gum at the time. hehehe

I'm currently back the hotel with ice on my foot and waiting for the post show snack to arrive. Think good thoughts for me, I can't let HerSelf or her dancers down....

How much does my boss look after me... When I started to move over to assist in a change, 3 of the dancers stopped me both with hands and voices. "Stay there, we are fine. We can do this..." She had a talk with them before the show, and told them to tell to stay put should I deem it necessary to try and get up. Great, now I feel crippled AND worthless. grrr

I just keep reminding myself that I'm lucky and DAMN lucky I didn't break it...

Tomorrow is the final (this time) Montreal show, and we head to Buffalo.

I lied in yesterdays post. There are 9 buses, not 7.

Time to change my ice... More to follow...

Love and Light from Hop-a-long...