Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have returned

Just a quick note to say I have returned.

Getting to London wasn't easy, neither the trip from NYC to the airport, nor heathrow to Paddington, but I made it. Virgin Atlantic is such a delightful airline to fly, and there were 3 special people that made my day(s). First there was the ticketing agent who noted we shared a birthday and then changed my seat assignment from the back to the middle (and in a row all to myself), then there was Josh, the cutest brit boy I have seen yet, who took care of me all the way to heathrow, which entailed bringing me things (without my asking) whenever he noticed that I was conscious. I slept through Dinner and Tea, and yet, within minutes of me sitting up and realizing I was thirsty or hungry, Dinner appeared... a real cup of coffee appeared, with creme, and with a smile. "You missed tea, but I brought you a fresh cup of coffee." And it was a real cup, not an airline shot of coffee, a real cup of coffee. Which made the day better...

To Carmel Car service, whom I have reliably used for the past 10 years... SHAME ON YOU!!! You do not call your client 5 minutes after your scheduled pickup to inform them you are not coming. I don't CARE that there was a blizzard going on. You cancel hours before, not minutes after. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Oh, I made it to Newark Airport. It took a long time, and was a very expensive cab ride, but I made it. Thanks to Peter , the 70 year old man who had the nerve to drive me from midtown to the airport (even if we did have to stop for gas along the way). Oh yes people, it was a huge comedy of errors all day long. But I actually DID make it to london on Friday (just barely on friday) but I made it.

I had a great time seeing my friends, and making a few new ones. I have more to report, but it is going to have to wait. There are things that require my attention at home and I want to get them off my list before the day gets away from me. I do have a show tonight, and I will be needing some quiet time this afternoon. Trying to get back on schedule, but not that concerned about it today.

For the first time since November, I have nothing but the show to attend today. Just one!! No week full of doubles, just a 'regular' show week for me this week. I'm finally getting some of that time at home I'm been whining about.

Time to get unpacked, laundered, and start repacking for the trip to Florida on Sunday.

I'm down to waiting for one W-2. I would love for that to show up today so I can get those darn things done this week.

Many cheers and best wishes going out to Darren. Enjoy your well-earned break. We shall miss you.

Until next time, I have returned. I am in decent humor, and I'm looking forward to a 'light' week and having the chance to catch up on things in MY life.

Love and Light to you all!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Here we are. just after 4am, I haven't been to bed yet, cause I've already put myself on london time, and let's face it, I'm going to sleep on the plane.

I randomly looked out the window here in midtown, to see piles of snow. I'm glad I'm leaving early. So far everything is on time and uncancelled.

Do I need to repeat how much I want to get on that plane. It is the symbol of many things. My hard earned holiday, after months of working nonstop. My freedom, being able to jaunt off to London on a whim(?). But most importantly, a chance to sit down and sleep!!!

it's been a wild morning. I couldn't quite fall asleep after the show tonight, and I didn't go out and booze it up. I sat on the couch and read my book. Now I've started the 2nd book, and decided to do a quick check of my plane to make sure I'm still going!! hehehe

Love and Light to you all. More to follow upon my return from England.... where once again, I'm seeing the last stop on a darren tour!!!

La Dolce Vita!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

On the Verge of Something Wonderful: Part II

I got by, with a little help from my friends...

Yesterday sucked a$$. Well, it sucked until I got to work, in a fit, and realized I wasn't going to have it anymore. Popped a zanny and it was all better, or at least I wasn't raging any longer.

My roommate (bless her heart) picked up my laundry on her dinner break. Another friend offered, but didn't have to as E. and already taken care of it. Many blessing on the both of them.

Even the pet store in NYC didn't have the kitten food. Yah, really...

And the insurance company has once again changed our health plan. I argued and argued with the Pharmacy, and didn't win. Thank you oxford for increasing the cost of my Rx's co-pay. I don't know how I can copay that bottle of skin stuff for $20 for the last 2 years, only to have to pay $50 for it now.

Again, the zanny came in handy and I made it through the first show without any rage, took a delicious nap between shows and then drug (No pun intended) my ass through the 2nd one.

Note to self: Do not attempt international travel without a day off first to manage things.

It's all good now. But I must get packing. I got my hair done last night when I got home (new product, and BOY is it purple!!! hehehe. But it's time to unpack the laundry and toss a few things into the new suitcase and pull it all together (the next 5 days) before I leave the house. I am spending the night in the city as it is easier to get to Newark from NYC.

Tickets, Money, Passport!!!!

I shall miss you all, but I go forth on yet another Darren Pilgrimage. His last concert of 2008 before he goes on Hiatus. (May he sing forever).

I'm actually in a much better place today, and will continue to be so. I have finally reached the moment of traveling. Very little WORK is going to be happening for the next month. My last day at the ballet (for now) is today. I will only be doing broadway when I return (for a whopping 6 shows before I then turn tail and run to sunny, warm Florida for a week).

We have finally reached the point where I will reap a few rewards for working my ass off for the last 4 months. A little Imp Time, and I'm going to spend it doing things that I want to do!!!!

Love and light to you all!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alrighty then

It's going to be one of THOSE days today. I've made 3, no 4, trips to the laundrymat in the attempt to pick up my Laundry. The attendant has been on break all morning, and this isn't the first time this has happened. I will no longer be dropping off here (even though it is a scant block from the house). From now on, I'll be hiking to the other one. But I'm irritated. I really wanted to pack this morning.

Anyhow... moving forward:

I went to pick up the pet food for the girrls... Guess what?! They are also closed. If it's 10am opening, and it's now 10:30? grrrrrrrr

So with a big old Fuc& it, I'm heading into the city. I can buy kitten food there and drag it home this evening. I also have to stop and pick up my Rx's, so its actually on the way.

There is a total lunar eclipse this evening, perhaps this is what is pulling me in the opposite direction of what I intend to get done today.

So now, after getting up at 7am this morning, in order to be 'Productive," I'm about to leave the house, cranky, and with nothing on my List done.

Since the news has already leaked, I'll go ahead and post it here (cause I'm in that kind of mood):

I have given my notice at the show. My last show will be April 13th. I'm cutting the cord. I am moving forward with my Life. I'm entertaining other job offers and careers. I have work lined up through June, and then I'm going to Italia. I am going to miss a few people at the show, but not the show itself. Its been three very long years, and I'm glad I finally found the balls to quit.

That is all...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Still no day off, but I did manage to get a nap in yesterday.

Spent Monday buying jewelry for the opera. A good time, a definite good time, I love spending other peoples money!!

Tried desperately to tie up some odds and ends before my trip, but things just didn't quite work out the way I wanted. First off, there was (yet again) no attendant on duty at the laundrymat, so after taking the dirty laundry there, I had to bring it back home. I do miss my old laundry service in the city. They were great and always there and knew my name. This place is shady and understaffed; the only good thing about them is that they are closest to the house. Next time, I'm going to have to make the hike to the other laundrymat. OH well.... You KNOW I work too hard to spend my one day off doing my own laundry. Period.

I did have good shopping karma yesterday though. I found the new buttons to go on the sportcoat for the London trip. I found the shirt to wear underneath it. I had also hooked up with my buddy Scott, and we found his sunglasses and a couple of shirts and a new pair of shorts for him (and his trip to Barbados) this week. We had brunch at Vynl, and that was delicious too! I think the last time Scott and I had brunch was last summer. So it was great to have a relaxed afternoon.

I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday, and managed to get into the city, get a haircut, and buy/ship the jewelry before our 11:30am brunch.

Oh holy hell, I just recalled I was supposed to call dear friend when I was done with Scott, and I completely forgot about it. It had started to downpour and I was right next to the subway, where I jumped on the train home without making that phone call. My apologies Edde!

As much as I would love to sit here and regurgitate more of my life, I have to start pulling it together. I have to call and track down one more W-2. I have never filed so late... but I can't do it until I have all the proper paperwork!

And then I'm off to the city to whip out the final 4 shows and 2 daywork calls before I am free to leave on holiday. YAH... only 3 14-18 hour days left before vaca!!!

Love and Light to you all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow and Gala and Monkeys: OH MY!

Busy week this week in the city (and burbs) for Imp!

First of all there was no day off. Imp was in the city working the gala event for the ballet, Stars of the 21st Century. Nice easy day (even if it was ALL day) and piles of money. If I could do 2 of these events a week, I wouldn't need to be doing 8 shows a week. Principal dancers were in from Vienna, Berlin, Moscow, Paris and beyond. A lovely little program was presented and it was great to actually SEE some ballet performed instead of just being upstairs in a room behind a sewing machine. Everything is beautiful at the ballet...

Back to the regular old broadway show. We are still kickin ass at the box office, and everywhere else. One of my main peeps is on vacation this week, which means rotating swings around. One of my other main peeps is going through some stuff and has been in and out of work. I'm worried about him, but there is so much going on right now that I barely have time to keep myself above water.

Then there was the sudden death of a co-workers long time partner. This sent shockwaves through most of the community. Our coworker is very beloved by all who know him, and we all feel his grief and loss.

Still self reflecting, still self absorbed, and still unrepentant about it. Still attempting to figure out exactly what makes Imp tick, and what/why it makes me twitch. Its a very good thing that I've learned to somewhat moderate what comes out of my mouth (oh yes, believe me, I'm MUCH better at it than I used to be). So many events have happened in the last few weeks that have made me want to vent, tear at my breast and hair, and scream obscenities into the whirlwind that is my life. Part of it is simply overworking myself now for the impending rest that is coming later in the year. Part of it is having less patience for stupidity (mine AND others), Part of it is the struggle of releasing all that does not serve, or at least attempting to keep my mouth shut when people repeatedly disappoint me and/or fail to live up to my expectations. I've said it before, and I will say it again. I really dislike it when people fail to meet my expectations...

On the flip side of the coin, I will have a day off soon... if you want to call climbing onto a transatlantic flight a day off. It WILL be a day off, and when the pill wears off, I'll awake in London and be ready for holiday. MY holiday. A pilgrimage to worship, rejoice, dance, and weep at the alter of Darren. May he live and tour forever.... Once he decides to return to touring (next year?), may be pick somewhere that the exchange rate isn't 2 to 1. Not that i won't repeatedly empty my coffers to see him perform. It is a small pocket of happiness, and you can't put a pricetag on happiness....

Once again, there is more to say, but it's time for me to get ready to head into the city for another fun filled day.

Happy VD to you all, where ever it may find you.

Love and Light!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy Week

Lots and Lots of things happening this week that I want to discuss.

First of all, there is a very crappy illness floating through the theatre. Hacking, coughing, loss of voice. Many people have it; many people are out of the show, which makes things rather difficult for the rest of us. Sunday there were not enough swings to replace the people that were out, and there were several split tracks happening in order to cover the important things. Tuesday was a little better, but even for this show, it has been difficult for the last few performances.

Why is it that everyone starts to get ill two weeks before I have travel planned. I was hacking and coughing myself silly the last time I went to London, and I would like to not repeat that. Long flights, stale airline air, and high altitudes do not help. I just continue to take my herbs and wash my hands and pray.... (Yes crazies, I do pray, although probably not to Gods you are thinking of).

There has been construction happening in the neighborhood the last few days. Jackhammers at 8am the last few mornings. URGH! Here I thought I had escaped that nonsense. It was blissfully quiet this morning though, for which I am thankful for...

Although, My body has finally made the shift to all the hours I've been working. I've been AWAKE at 8am every day for the past few weeks. While this allows me to be a bit productive in the morning around the house, I do not approve. Mornings (for me) are meant to be slept through, allowing me the added 3 hours of sleep I lose due to the night job.

Things are intensifying at the ballet. It will be great to get them off on Tour, and to be able to enjoy the added time I'm going to have in my schedule for ME again. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself in March (when I am actually at home during the day). Oh, I'll find ways to amuse myself. I have plenty of house projects to attend too. Getting back on board with my language lessons for one. Starting to seriously plan out my Italian trip for another...

I had great success in the city on Monday. (Wring a bit more sarcasm out of that sentence, please). I went in on my day off to shop two items for the opera, only to discover that neither of them was available. Not a really big deal other than my Time into the city. I wandered into Macy's (since I was right there) to look at luggage, as Imp needs something new to pack his things in. VIOLA!!!! Macy's was having a serious sale on luggage. All luggage. I got a great suitcase for 60% off. It is kinda scary how much I like the new Kenneth Cole Reaction suitcase. It's the oddest and prettiest blue I've seen in a long time. I hauled it home on the subway, and moved the stuff from the old suitcase into the new one (those travel items that just live in the suitcase, so we are ready to go at a moments notice), and then loaded the old suitcase up with linens and tucked it away! I can now begin the pack for London (and then Florida, and Michigan). Again, that new suitcase makes me very happy!

After I got home on Monday, I spent the rest of the day organizing and cleaning and tweaking the house. I got the desk cleaned off, I got the mirror hung in the bedroom, I got the dresser fixed... blah blah blah. Lots of little projects that were starting to pile up and annoy me were completed. I can actually use the bedroom closet now. It was kind of the catch all when I moved, but it is now a functioning closet instead of purely storage.

Lots of little projects completed that make me happy. When I walked into my room from work last night, and turned the light on, I had a "AHHHHH" moment. It's was so organized and Nice!! I could see the top of the desk and dresser. What a good feeling. Very Little Clutter!

There is more to relate and discuss but the time waits for no man (or woman) and I must begin to pull myself together for the theatre. I can't wait to see what fresh gay hell they have in store for us today. I'm thankful that the money is rolling in, and my body has adjusted to this insane schedule that I'm inflicted myself with. Both jobs are hectic now, I'm very much looking forward to a bit a travel and time away from it all. The payoff is worth it, but I will be thankful when I find myself not so damn busy all the time. Just a few short weeks and I'll be shivering in London, followed by nice long bake in sunny Florida.

Love and Light to you all!

Friday, February 01, 2008

February is here

I'm still standing too. It's February. I'm still working two jobs and am rarely home. Tis all good though.

The ballet will be leaving NYC at the end of the month for the first traveling gigs of 2008, namely the Kennedy Center in DC, followed by London.

Imp will also be in London at the end of February, to once again take in a concert by his Lordship, Mr Darren Hayes. Whom canceled his US tour, forcing me to once again board a plane and fly to London to catch the show!!! A quick trip this time, merely a weekend for me. But it's nice to see what a 'decent' rent bill and a Broadway gig (plus the ballet) can provide... (at 1am in the morning, when Imp is all Mad... and decided to spend a little of his Mad Money).

Wow. There is so much happening around here now. I can't get into it all. But I continue to learn and evolve. It's funny how moving out of the city has reinforced a few feelings of mine, not to mention, bringing others into the light. And then learning to deal with it all.

Funny that I moved because I didn't want to work so hard, and yet I'm back to having a completely full schedule. Of course the debt peels away like 3 day old sunburn (until i book flights to London on an apparent whim), and it is all for the good. What is the point of working yourself to the point of incoherence if you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor?

The Job (you know the one) has become just that; a job. I don't know if it is from exhaustion or apathy, but I'm amazingly not engaged at the play. I mean, I show up and I do my gig and I get the hell out of there; all the while keeping my eye on the Prize. (which of course, you know is my EA's).

I had not planned on leaving the country until June/July for Italy, but now London looms large. It will be a good time, regardless of the fact that everyone whom I enjoy traveling with isn't going to be there. LOL The Italian decided not to attend (he has prior commitments, for which he is grudgingly forgiven). My travel buddy is working as hard as I am and cannot get away (for which he is also forgiven). But I will be seeing the trust fund Hollanders while I am in London, and that is always a good time. I met them in London last trip and it will be great to see them again!!!

Currently awaiting the arrival of two final w-2's. The ones from the shows that closed (two of them) that I just failed to get my new address to. I mean, come on. I worked 3 Broadway shows last year, plus the ballet, the opera, and my personal favor gigs to boot. I just forgot to deal with the two that closed, and so now I'm being held up by the us postal system. I have had three pieces of mail forwarded since I moved. THREE. Now I changed most of the important things before I actually moved, and I'm receiving most of the mail sent directly to the house (that's a long story too, about the crazy granny who lives downstairs, but that's for another blog entry). But my receipts are all entered, all I need to do is print the report and schedule the appointment to have them done; after the rest of my paperwork arrives.

I must get moving. I have to haul the laundry to the matte in the rain this morning, or else I won't be able to carry it early next week. I'm due up the ballet this afternoon.

Just a few final words:

1) I dislike it when people fail to live up to my expectations.
2) I dislike sloppiness.
3) The universe has been trying to teach me patience for 35 years and yet.....

Love and Light!